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The SAP Plant Maintenance or SAP PM manages all the necessary plant maintenance aspects including- inspection, repairs, preventive and corrective maintenance, notifications, which are required to maintain an ideal system. It is an essential part of manufacturing industries and is a continuous and capital-intensive process. Implementing a right plant maintenance system will help enterprises in extending the life expectancy of their assets.

Enabling the SAP PM module with SAP Fiori apps provides easy access to all maintenance-related apps and information through an intuitive and user-driven experience. With these apps, all the maintenance information is accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This will reduce the repair time, improves the maintenance flow, and cut down the time required to make important business decisions

SAP Fiori Mass Maintenance of products App - SAP PM Fiori App
SAP Fiori Maintain Bill Of Material App - SAP PM Fiori App
SAP Fiori Find Maintenance Notification App - SAP PM Fiori App
SAP Fiori Find Maintenance Order App - SAP PM Fiori App
SAP Fiori Schedule Material availability check App - SAP PM Fiori App

1) Mass maintenance products App:

The successful execution of a maintenance work order depends on timely stock replenishment of maintenance parts or products, especially when it is demand-driven. In a large plant, the need for parts or materials is huge and stock replenishment needs to be performed on a large scale. Even a small change in the inventory could adversely affect a planned maintenance schedule. With Mass Maintenance Products App, you can

  • View and modify product details that are relevant to demand-driven replenishment.
  • Use the mass change functionality to simultaneously change the master data records for multiple products.
  • View and change the results of product classifications.
  • Select the type of lot-sizing procedure to calculate the necessary quantity to procure through your mobile device.

2) Maintain Bill of Material App:

The maintenance bill of material (BOM) or bill of materials document typically describes where exactly maintenance activities are to be performed on machinery and the spare parts that are to be assigned for such maintenance. Maintenance BOM is beneficial in relation to material planning, as you can perform material planning when creating a maintenance task list.

 With Maintain BOM for SAP PM module, you can easily:

  • Find, view, or modify bills of materials by using filters and key fields.
  • Enable tentative decisions and changes through the draft.
  • Create and assign change numbers via the overview page.
  • Attach documents or files to a BOM and much more on your mobile device.

3) Find Maintenance Notification App:

In case of a technical malfunction or unforeseen production issue, a maintenance planner or maintenance technician needs to be informed of the type of maintenance issue and the maintenance department must be issued a maintenance request to perform the required maintenance tasks. Also, maintenance planners may need to generate a standard or customized maintenance activity report that provides information about the overall maintenance activities that have been performed for a specific period.

With Find Maintenance Notification App, you can:

  • View, find, and change the status of maintenance notifications.
  • Filter the list according to various properties or use a free-text search.
  • View the properties, assigned technical object, maintenance order, and attachments of a single notification.

4) Find Maintenance Order App:

A maintenance work order authorizes the maintenance or repair tasks that need to be performed on machinery within a plant. Typically, a maintenance work order provides useful information, such as problem, repair, or installation description, allocated resources and tools, detailed work instructions, and so on. The right kind of work order app can help you to find the maintenance work order you need, view vital information, and execute related tasks.

SAP PM’s Maintenance Order App in Fiori helps you to: 

  • View and identify maintenance orders and filter the list according to various properties or use a free-text search.
  • View the properties, assigned notification and operations, and attachments of a single order.
  • It also provides cost-related information, such as estimated cost, planned cost, and actual costs for the work order.

5) Schedule Material Availability Check App:

The material availability checks must be executed for a single maintenance work order or multiple maintenance work orders or schedule such checks as a recurrent batch job. The material availability check function verifies if spare parts or materials are available for a maintenance work order and updates the availability status in the work order accordingly. In the case of a batch job, a report listing all the error and warning messages that occurred during the checking process, as well as the system and user statuses, is generated.

With the Schedule Material Availability Check app, you can: 

  • Run material availability checks for several maintenance orders at runtime or by scheduling these checks as a recurrent batch job.
  • View a list of all material availability checks that are already scheduled and navigate to the results of the jobs that you have set up.
  • Set up new material availability checks, stipulate the material availability check options, state the work order parameters, and much more on your mobile device.

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    SAP Fiori’s applications for SAP PM aids in carry-out the exclusive operations under plant maintenance for effective equipment conditions and management. Fiori contains applications not only for the SAP PM module, but also for other SAP modules including SAP Material Management, SAP Quality Management, SAP Production Planning, SAP Sales & Distribution, and other modules.

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