SAP Purchase Order App

SAP Purchase Order app  allows SAP businesses to instantly mobile-manage SAP purchase order approvals and requisition releases to take more instant and informed procurement decisions while on the move


sap-purchase-order-po-app-icon Because of hectic work schedule and being on the move, business managers are short to make purchase order approvals without the right information in hand
sap-purchase-order-po-app-icon Decision makers often lack flexible approval solutions, therefore don’t get necessary visibility into procurement to effectively manage PO & PR releases
The SAP purchase order approval process gets complicated with multiple release strategies and decision makers who do not have access to right information while on the move
sap-purchase-order-po-app-icon Executive decision makers do not have access to right information on the move leading to delayed decisions and cost overhead.
sap-purchase-order-po-app-icon Most purchase documents arrive as paper receipts are inwarded into SAP systems and routed for approvals


The SAP purchase order app is a comprehensive procurement solution designed for SAP businesses with busy managers and decision makers to enable them make critical purchase decisions while on the move. With the SAP purchase order app being deployed, track open and pending purchase orders, review, approve or reject purchase orders, and better manage purchase requisition (PR) releases from any mobile device.


  • Instantly track purchase orders (PO) and purchase requisitions (PR)
  • Push notifications on purchase orders save time and effort
  • Drill down to material and line item details from a list of open purchase orders
  • Approve multiple purchase orders in single click
  • Access the SAP purchase order app even in offline mode (SMP 3.0 enabled)
  • Responsive and device agnostic mobile app that can be deployed on all platforms and devices
  • SAP purchase order app integrates in real-time with SAP backend to provide accurate and real-time information
  • The features of SAP purchase order management app can be tailored according to the needs– providing specific and relevant information. Facilitating in taking the right decisions
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