SAP Quality Management (QM)

SAP Quality Management (QM) is an SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) that assists companies with quality management procedures and implements them. It is aimed at preventing errors, strengthen operations continuously, and build quality management systems on a sustainable ecosystem. The organization’s significant benefits include consistency with production quality standards, reduced operating costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

SAP QM is mostly used in the quality management systems used by companies in products when completing the product lifecycle, including inspecting products before they enter an organization when they are produced and delivered as products.

SAP Quality Management overview

SAP QM consists of multiple resources which can be designed for organizational activities over several specific tasks.

In the procurement and Inventory Management process, SAP QM (Quality Management) is completely implemented. The inspection involves receiving material against the purchase orders. If the product is reported for quality control, the inspection process is initiated.

To link to a manufacturing and inventory management process, SAP QM (Quality Management) has been used. It explains ‘In process inspections,’ in which the inspection process is enabled on the release of production orders.

Functionality does SAP Fiori provide for SAP Quality Management?

  • Preparation, implementation, and monitoring of quality inspections in fields such as procurement, manufacturing, and marketing
  • Cost reduction and productivity by supporting high performing activities
  • Analytics and track results and errors of the inspection
  • To assure the accuracy of inspection reports, connect, track and maintain test equipment

Innovations that SAP Fiori brought in for SAP Quality Management?

Simple Integration:

One of the main things of quality management is SAP Quality Management integration with other modules. In materials management, production planning, and other SAP modules the consistency process is carried out.

Seamless Process:

It enables automation of information flows in which the inspection lot is generated automatically when the product order or receipt is sent.

Monitor and Control:

Monitoring vendors and customer’s problems by SAP QM Quality Alerts with corrective tasks.

Production Management:

SAP Quality Management is implemented in SAP Logistics to improve the functionality, inspection, and quality management of internal, external, initial, and external processes and equipment.

SAP Fiori My Quality Tasks App | SAP QM Fiori App
SAP Fiori Inspection Lot App | SAP QM Fiori App
SAP Fiori Inspection Operation App | SAP QM Fiori App
SAP Fiori Inspection Point App | SAP QM Fiori App
SAP Fiori Record Inspections Results App | SAP QM Fiori App
SAP Fiori Report Quality Issue App | SAP QM Fiori App
SAP Fiori Manage Defects App | SAP QM Fiori App
SAP Fiori Manage Usage Decisions App | SAP QM Fiori App
SAP Fiori Display Sampling Procedures App | SAP QM Fiori App
SAP Fiori Results History App | SAP QM Fiori App
SAP Fiori Quality Engineer Overview App | SAP QM Fiori App

My Quality Tasks App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

Let Quality technicians keep track of their quality notifications at ease with the My Quality Tasks app. The app rapidly processes quality tasks in real-time and minimizes the need to generate work lists. It provides a detailed description of the task and notifies the user about the due date for work completion.

With the My Quality Tasks app, you can –

  • Complete quality tasks using multiple devices and platforms
  • List all quality tasks created for a user in one place

Inspection Lot App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

View contextual information about the inspection lot with the Inspection Lot app. SAP Inspection lots are used to record, process, and manage information for quality inspections of a product in the warehouse. The product inspected can be a finished product, a raw material or even an equipment component that is used in the facility.

With the Inspection Lot app, you can –

  • View information about the inspection lot origin
  • View corresponding information according to the inspection type
  • Display usage decision and the progress of characteristics at operation level
  • Display information about stock posting and other administrative data

Inspection Operation

Application Type: Factsheet (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

The Inspection Operation app provides you with contextual information about inspection operations. Inspection operations are the activities related to an SAP inspection lot that includes the number of samples taken and progress of inspection characteristics.

With the Inspection Operations app, you can –

  • View the list of characteristics that belong to the operation
  • Display specific information for individual characteristics such as master inspection characteristic, inspection method, and weighting
  • View the results and the valuation of characteristics
  • Search for a specific characteristic

Inspection Point App

Application Type: Factsheet (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

View detailed information about inspection points with the Inspection Point app. Inspection points are the reference objects for recording inspection results below operation level. You can navigate to its related entities and access related transactions in operational systems.

With the Inspection Operations Point app, you can –

  • View the header data such as inspection lot, inspection operation, reference object, for example, material, and valuation
  • Display characteristics, status and their results
  • Display general information such as inspection points type and work center
  • View other administrative data

Record Inspection Results App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

Record the results of characteristics flexibly and effectively with the Record Inspection Results app. You can select multiple inspection lots at one time and record the results centrally. The app automatically valuates characteristics according to valuation modes, after you record your values for inspections. You are also able to view long-term and open characteristics from different dimensions – inspection lot, operation, sample and master inspection characteristic.

With the Record Inspection Results app, you can –

  • View characteristics in a customized worklist
  • Filter inspection-related information by various criteria – inspection lot, lot origin, or material
  • Record characteristics for different inspection lots
  • Record results in different forms such as suqmarized recording and recording of single values

Report Quality Issue App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

Report quality issues easily that arise at the premises of an organizational plant with the Report Quality Issue app. It minimizes the need to contact other people in the quality management area to perform the task of quality notification reporting.

With the Report Quality Issue app, you can –

  • Report quality issues using multiple devices and platforms
  • List reported quality issues

Manage Defects App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori elements)

Easily monitor and manage defects created during the inspection process with the Manage Defects app through a simple interface that also includes a chart. You can view defects based on filter criteria such as material, inspection lot origin, defect code, work center and so on.

With the Manage Defects app, you can –

  • Switch between visual filter and compact filter
  • Get more information by selecting or clicking data points on the line chart
  • View contextual information related to a defect

Manage Usage Decisions App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori elements)

Display inspection lots and manage usage decision in SAP of each inspection lot with the Manage Usage Decisions app. You can make a usage decision for inspection lots, where a usage decision has not been made.

With the Manage Usage Decisions app, you can –

  • View and change usage decisions for inspection lots with a usage decision
  • Navigate to view contextual information related to a material/ inspection lot
  • Edit the usage decision code and usage decision coqments of an inspection lot
  • Initiate stock posting of materials of the inspection lot stock to available stock types

Display Sampling Procedures App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori elements)

The Display Sampling Procedures app displays contextual information about the sampling procedure business object. Rules for calculating the sample size and information about the type of valuation of an inspection characteristic for results recording are defined in sampling procedures.

With the Display Sampling Procedures app, you can –

  • General data such as sampling type and valuation mode
  • Settings for multiple samples
  • Additional data such as inspection severity and AQL values
  • Administrative data

Results History App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori elements)

The Results History app displays the results history for a task list characteristic or a master inspection characteristic. The valuation of a characteristic is displayed as a graphic for the selected inspection lots. This allows you to compare inspection results over a longer period of time.

With the Results History app, you can –

  • Display the results history only for quantitative characteristics
  • Make a flexible selection from all selected inspection lot results for which the graphic is adapted accordingly

Quality Engineer Overview App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori elements: Overview Page)

View the most important information and tasks related to inspection management with the Quality Engineer Overview app. The information is displayed on a set of cards. This allows you to focus on the most important tasks, and view, filter, and react to information quickly.

With the Quality Engineer Overview app, you can –

  • View inspection lots without inspection plan
  • View inspection lots without usage decision
  • Allows you to navigate to the Manage Inspection Lots app from each card to view the details of corresponding inspection lots and manage the same
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