SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Beyond Digital Transformation: Reshape Your Enterprise Through SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation


Enterprises have always wanted to streamline their core processes and workflows while continuing to operate with limited resources. Enter SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (SAP Intelligent RPA), which facilitates cognitive bots that automatically can learn, imitate, and execute rules-based business processes.

SAP Intelligent RPAliberates employees from repetitive and high-volume manual tasks and redirects your knowledge workers to higher-value cognitive works.RPA integrates a highly automated digital workforce that can interact with any SAP system or application.

Leveraging RPA in your SAP ecosystem has a significant impact on several fronts: it effectively eliminates labor-intensive copy-and-paste mistakes, brings in faster economic value, enhances customer experience, through quality and control improvements, and efficiently automates repetitive interactions with customers.

SAP RPA Business Benefits

Reduce Billing Errors

SAP Intelligent RPA brings in demonstrable value

✓  SAP RPA drives productivity to such an extent that it can free up to 15%-30% of an employee’s timespent on non-productive and repetitive tasks.RPA bots automaterepetitive processesand improve business outcomes quantifiably.

✓  Moreover, SAP intelligent RPA’s advantages can easily be leveraged with rapid implementation into your SAP landscape. For example, McKinsey Global Institute estimates that, when properly accomplished, “more than 81% of predictable physical work, 69% of data processing, and 64% of data-collection activities could feasibly be automated.”

Incredible Convenience

Improved Business Process Efficiency&Operational Excellence
✓  SAP RPA automates administrative back-office IT systemsand triggers optimized workflows for regulatoryverifications. Enterprises can have smart bots that ensure data quality, informationconsistency, and reduced human errors.

✓  It dramatically improves processing speed and reduces processing time up to 20%. RPA converges Machine Learning technology to automatically extract account payables–related information and orchestrates a streamlined business processing.

Advanced Agility

Cost-effective business model

✓  Enterprises have become less constrained bylabor costs through SAP Intelligent RPA. It refocuses organizations’ business model from a labor-centered to intelligence-enabled business growth with speed, agility, and resiliency.

✓  It takes no complicated systems integrations to augment SAP RPA. The quick deployment facilities enable faster implementation times with minimal IT resource investment.

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    Mobolutions: Your Trusted SAP Partner For An Accelerated Business Processing

    Mobolutions helps businesses interweave SAP RPA’s bot capabilities and intelligent automation across their SAP systems with a flexible integration.

    The end result is a stable, reliable, rapid RPA deployment and strategic roadmap to reskill the workforce.

    We help you bring greater efficiency into finance (invoice entry, reconciliation), HR (onboarding, performance management), procurement (vendor records management, PO management), sales (order entry, payment data), and several other business domains with a touch of intelligent automation.

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