Standard SAP Fiori Apps for SAP SD

The SAP Sales & distribution module is the heart of any business. A proper system that carries out all the core activities under sales & distribution is imperative as the very purpose of the business depends on it. Having a functional module like SAP SD would effectively allow organizations to have a greater impact in their sales activities.

The SAP SD module incorporates the entire sales & distribution lifecycle right from pre-sales activities, to sales order processing, to shipping and billing. It provides greater visibility of real-time data such as

custom orders, inventory, credit status, pending delivery, and so on.

Significance of SAP SD apps:

The SAP Fiori Apps library for the SAP SD module provides a simple and adaptable user experience across any device. And allows real-time access to sales-related data and real-time business executions.

Fiori Apps for SAP SD are:

Sales Inquiry - Fiori App
My Quotations - Fiori App
Create Sales - Order Fiori-App
Check Price and Availability - Fiori App
Outbound Delivery - Fiori App
Customer Billing Document - Fiori App
Debit Memo Request - Fiori App
Credit Memo Request - Fiori App
Customer Invoices - Fiori App
My Sales Overview - Fiori App

1) Sales Inquiry App:

The Sales Inquiry app displays all the important key facts and a list of the sales inquiry items. The app also lists the business partners involved and the related sales documents. The app allows users to view the sold-to party, order reason, overall status, rejection status, as well as the net value and the order probability.

With the sales Inquiry app, you can-

  • View the individual items of a sales inquiry and related information.
  • Display general sales inquiry information, such as the sales area.

2) My Quotations App:

The My Quotations app lets field sales representatives create new quotations, edit and seek information interactively with the customers on any device. This transactional app allows checking for quotations that are about to expire and follow-up with customers in a convenient way.

With My Quotations App for the SAP Sales &Distribution module, you can –

  • Create a new quotation from scratch or copy from the existing ones.
  • Add separate discounts to quotation header and individual items.

3) Create Sales Order App:

With the help of the Create Sales Order app, sales representatives can create or display sales orders on the field during a client discussion. Users can search and select products from the list and place orders based on the available quantity expected and delivery date. This app can display details like SO number, shipping address, price amount, line items, and the delivery date.

With Create Sales and Order App by SAP Fiori Apps library, you can –

  • Browse, search and order products by choosing from the material master.
  • Choose existing customer orders to reorder products.
  • Select single or multiple shipments of the ordered items.

4) Check Price and Availability App:

Check Price and Availability app enables your sales representatives to immediately check the price of the item and the available quantity at the plant even as they are out of the office. This app can display products based on the customer’s previous orders and trigger availability details for the products in their current order.

With Check Price and Availability App, you can –

  • Get access to detailed information about a product from the material master.
  • Receive a list of products for every customer based on their last sales order.

5) Outbound Delivery App:

With the Outbound Delivery app, it is possible to identify outbound deliveries based on key attributes such as shipping point, material number, or customer. There is easy access to related documents, key facts about relevant master data, business partners, and material characteristics.

With SAP SD’s Outbound Delivery App under the Fiori App suite, you can –

  • View individual items and their quantity for delivery along with the respective plant and storage locations.
  • Display contact information for business partners involved in the delivery process.

6) Customer Billing Document App:

The Customer Billing Document app is a factsheet that displays contextual information about billing documents. This app shows details of the payer, bill-to party, billing date, total bill value, payment terms, sales organization, item details, previous sales orders, outbound deliveries, and posting status.

With the Customer Billing Document App, you can –

  • View business data and status at header level.
  • Access related transactions and navigate to related business objects in the back-end systems.

7) Debit Memo Request App

A Debit Memo request is a sales document created if the customer must pay to the seller an additional amount. With this app, the sales representative can display debit memo requests and their required data like item details, business partners, related invoices, and related sales orders.

With Debit Memo Request App, you can –

  • Navigate to related transactional apps to edit or analyze business data.
  • View a list of business partners involved and the related business documents.

8) Credit Memo Request App

A Credit Memo request is a sales document request for issuing a credit to the customer With this app, they can display credit memo requests and their required data like item details, business partners, related invoices, related sales orders, and related customer returns. From this app, users can navigate to related transactional apps to edit or analyze business data.

With the Credit Memo Request App for the SAP SD module, you can –

  • Display an overview of all credit memo requests with key facts and a list of credit memo request items.
  • Display a list of business partners involved and related business documents.

9) Customer Invoices App

The Customer Invoices app displays both invoices and memos in a single application on any device. View invoice status and details in a comprehensive layout. You can also break down invoice amounts by item, shipment, or taxes based on the customer’s request.

With the Customer Invoices App, you can –

  • Search and identify invoices by customer, document number, purchase order and sales order.
  • Filter and sort invoice data.

10) My Sales Overview App

The app My Sales Overview empowers customer service representatives with all the data they need like sales order data, performance figures, and quick actions. By providing all the information in one place, improves the reaction time of representatives and allows them to act on issues of priority first.

With My Sales Overview App, you can –

  • Create various sales documents such as sales orders, sales quotations, credit memo requests, and customer returns through Actionable cards.
  • Make use of other cards that display graphs and analytics and also provide aggregated data and data by status.
SAP SD Fiori Apps

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    SAP SD module helps to store and manage customer and product-related data and make real-time accessibility on any device. In conjunction with other modules, SAP SD can also carry out the order-to-cash flow in a business cycle. SAP Fiori’s app suite includes strategic applications for all SAP business modules including SAP Sales & Distribution, SAP Material Management, SAP Quality Management, SAP Plant Maintenance, and so on.

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