SAP Subscription Billing

Manage Subscription Usage And Customer Data In A New Way!

Global businesses are irreversibly moving toward subscription a economy. However, the journey can be difficult. Capturing customer insights and monitoring product usage makes financial management more complex. Businesses must respond to the customer-driven transformation while enabling easy scalability and seamless capability.

SAP Subscription Billing simplifies the consumption-based business model as it helps subscription service providers actively design and efficiently build their operations. The result is, the solution can expedite an industry-wide move toward a subscription model and deliver great value to businesses.

Why SAP Subscription Billing:

The shift towards SAP Subscription Billing is necessary because it meets the evolving customer needs. The subscription model is increasingly morphing into different forms, including volume, pay-as-you-go structures, and the market is still evolving.

To further complicate the process, inconsistent rating leads to revenue leakage. Inaccurate usage data, delayed billing and invoicing, missing to bill consumed items, and inefficient reconciliation reporting have always been the challenges posed by typical billing processes.

SAP Subscription Billing: A Better Way To Optimize The Changing Face Of Subscription Model

  • Mobolutions is an SAP partner and we help enterprises in their subscription service by helping them deftly handle different rating models. Each subscriber’s journey and preferences vary and the company’s offering should be accommodating. Whether it is recurring revenue, flat rate, usage-based, per-user, or tiered pricing, we can help you set up the rating structure as needed.
  • SAP Subscription Billing implementation helps you manage different subscription charging frequency: monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can design and strategize your subscription plans to appeal to different audiences. This is valuable particularly when it comes to breaking pricing levels down and reducing the price barrier. It also increases the predictable cash flow for the service providers.
  • Easily manage the subscription lifecycle such as renewal, cancellation, withdrawal, and extension. Auto-renewal ensures continued service availability with no need to keep track of the renewal cycle. You can manage a rolling subscription, in which the service can be consumed until cancelled. At any time during the billing cycle, money is refunded for the unused portion of the billing cycle. You can expand the business in an optimal way by automatically communicating the renewal offer to a customer.

Business Benefits And Value Drivers

  • Mobolutions helps businesses with this in mind: product and service experience is an important factor for a successful subscription. While ensuring seamless integration of subscription modules and data consistency, we help enterprises support various monetization models by creating flexible and scalable system architecture.
  • By reducing the cost barrier to the customers, we provide the customers with opportunities to underscore its products’ value to customers.
  • We enable companies to streamline their customer engagement by facilitating churn prediction, churn prevention, and dunning.
  • By leveraging configurable charging models you can reduce customer complaints, refunds, chargebacks and thus embark on a journey to achieve sustainable growth.
  • Businesses can increase conversion rates as, through the robust configuration and extensibility, SAP subscription billing solution supports multiple monetization models.

Unlock the full potential of subscription billing with Mobolutions

Mobolutions brings a complete set of skills, innovations, and services that can help you accelerate your journey in Subscription Billing.

We tightly integrate Subscription billing solutions with your technologies and business processes.

The result is enterprises can drive productivity with a user-friendly cloud solution —helping them stay current and competitive.

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