SAP Subscription Billing

Manage Subscription Usage And Customer Data In A New Way!

Empower seamless subscription-based billing and settlements  

SAP Subscription Billing facilitates a scalable cloud platform to carry out the selling and payment options with reliability through simplified solutions. It allocates accurate billing and charging cycles for subscription-based businesses that enable them to build success, maintain customer satisfaction, and enhance customer retention. 

The SAP Subscription Billing encompasses a simplified cloud infrastructure with an integrative approach that allows recurring billing, usage-based billing, and maintenance of customer loyalty, easy to process and maintain. It augments the subscription business model to attain greater flexibility, scalability, and agility that goes well with the changing business and market trends. 

Why SAP Subscription Billing:

The shift towards SAP Subscription Billing is necessary because it meets the evolving customer needs. The subscription model is increasingly morphing into different forms, including volume, pay-as-you-go structures, and the market is still evolving.

To further complicate the process, inconsistent rating leads to revenue leakage. Inaccurate usage data, delayed billing and invoicing, missing to bill consumed items, and inefficient reconciliation reporting have always been the challenges posed by typical billing processes.

Key Features:

  • Subscription Management SAP Subscription Billing helps companies to manage and operate on the subscription orders and billings quickly and effectively. 
  • Transparent Billing Cycle Subscription Billing solution by SAP provides a transparent billing lifecycle that allows companies and customers to have gainful insights. 
  • Automated Billing SAP Subscription Billing incorporates automation that effectively allocates consumption-based data for further accurate billing for the given billing period. 

Business Benefits of SAP Subscription Billing Implementation

  • Improved Customer SatisfactionThe improved solutions incorporate feasible functionalities with transparency across the entire billing and payment lifecycle. This helps in gaining trust and reliability from the customers’ end that could thereby help improve not just their loyalty but also their retention. 
  •  Scalable Business ModelsSAP Subscription Billing facilitates a scalable cloud platform that helps in creating newer business models and replenishments in the existing ones based on the unique business requirements. Subscription businesses can incorporate one-time, recurring, usage-based, or bundled service models based on their feasibility of adapting to their company standards and requisites. 
  •  Streamlined Billing LifecycleThe flexible solution serves its purpose through a standard and streamlined approach in managing the billing and payment processes. It simplifies the sales activities and provides a completely feasible and effective customer experience. 

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