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SAP SuccessFactors Integration

Our SuccessFactors integration services help to integrate a myriad of SAP HCM modules through next-generation platforms such as Dell Boomi and SAP HCM with SAP HCI

Many companies start with automation efforts with a broad aspiration to transform the way employees are working. HR managers launch automation programs to engage and evolve employees with standard human resources data extensions, but the HRIS systems often fail to qualify all the top priorities and benchmarks, the efforts, unfortunately, end up incurring high operational costs without expected results

Our strategic thinking and hands-on experience help customers achieve world-class experience through flexible, tailored SuccessFactors integration models delivered by a global network of specialized SuccessFactors experts with the comprehensive suite of proprietary resources for offerings ranging from rapid deployment solutions to long-term SuccessFactors integration and support services

We have been trusted SAP® Partner to the world’s biggest companies, and we continue to grow with the help of more than 100,000 users in our global network

SuccessFactors Integration

Smart Business Solutions

Our SuccessFactors integration services simplifies and accelerates the process of automating a myriad of SAP HCM modules enables a smart rollout to build compelling business solutions against legacy HRIS systems. Our preconfigured and standard integration solutions are ideal choice for customers to solve immediate and critical pain points, while planning for broader HR strategies that are agile and flexible

  • Speed and flexibility – Fast-paced SuccessFactors integration services using flexible and tailored business models for instant productivity rise
  • Distinctive and innovative – Innovative proprietary tools, technology frameworks, and best-practices approaches recommended by SAP for a holistic experience to replace clients’ most pressing challenges
  • Unparalleled expert support – Extensive and in-depth knowledge coupled with years of consulting experience to supplement companies with SuccessFactors experts from implementation coaches to technical services consultants across the globe
SuccessFactors Integration

Flexible Delivery Models

No company bridges the gap between HCM modules and cloud like we do. We bring in unparalleled expertise for best thinking to deliver SuccessFactors solutions with flexible delivery models for the variety of channels. To speed up the integration process, Mobolutions launched SuccessFactors specialists to support HRIS systems and functions with skills by adopting to global and to local market conditions much needed to be effective in implementation and integration, while adhering to core company-wide and SAP standards.

  • On-site delivery model
  • Project based on-site services (Fixed cost Projects)
  • Time and Talent
  • Offshore delivery model
  • Hybrid (for both offshore and on-site support)
  • Priority setting for immediate process improvements and project enhancements

Dell Boomi Integration Services

Dell Boomi SuccessFactors integration platform as a service (iPaaS) gives enterprises the flexibility to integrate its ERP, CRM, HR and other third-party software without high operations & maintenance costs and time-consuming coding. Link your legacy HRIS systems, addresses data integration and process integration through a new generation of UI tools and connectors by establishing a connection with any combination of cloud or on-premise systems without any software upgrades. Dell Boomi AtomSphere is a clear choice to automate manual processes because of increased efficiency and reduced costs. It delivers an impressive range of integration tools, systems and extensions for seamless migration of SAP HCM modules

SuccessFactors Integration Platforms

SAP SuccessFactors evince a cloud revolution. Set aside the hype, there is a proven business value that is shared, virtualized, and secured on cloud platforms. Our SuccessFactors integration supports to decide on right platforms and which SAP HCM modules to migrate. We also engage to address side-by-side HCM deployment, full Cloud HCM deployment or hybrid HCM deployment to capture value from next-generation platforms

SAP HANA Cloud Integration Services

SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCI) integrates with a multitude of applications. Existing SAP ERP customers subscribing SuccessFactors and wanting to integrate with existing on premise ERP and HANA systems may do so. SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCI) for SAP SuccessFactors is a common cloud platform for integrating line-of-business applications without discarding their existing investments. It provides a comprehensive integration framework for making it easy to connect the legacy HRIS Systems, simplifies integration of various SuccessFactors modules like Employee Central, Recruiting, LMS  with flexible options. SAP HANA Cloud Integration is the tool of choice for implementing SuccessFactors in your landscape

Dell Boomi for SuccessFactors

Enterprise Application Integration Capabilities

  • Automate data from legacy HRIS systems or databases with zero data loss
  • Core SAP HCM modules in Employee Central to Payroll, Talent solutions such as recruiting, onboarding to identify and implement effective and robust solutions for all talent decisions
  • Catering to customers across multiple infrastructures and distribution channels, configure, combine and run SuccessFactors solutions on-premise or Full Cloud HCM Deployment
  • Compensation and benefits to finance and payroll systems, real-time reporting and workforce analytics to map out SuccessFactors solutions enterprise-wide
  1. Benefits with Dell Boomi

    • SAP recommended and certified SuccessFactors integration model
    • Quick and self-serve tools to build your own connectors
    • Drag and drop options to add workflows and combine business logics – no coding required
    • Simple wizards for accessing applications on all modern browsers
    • Access to hundreds of applications and data sources
    • Simplified and sophisticated use with exceptional speed

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP HANA Cloud Integration Capabilities

  • Pre-packaged easy and seamless integration for SuccessFactors with enhanced security protocols
  • Allows multiple integrations for SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCI) – SuccessFactors Ariba, Fiori and HANA Cloud applications
  • Flexible framework to extend and customize to your needs and priorities
  • Hybrid deployment options across the SAP ecosystem to integrate other application such as Ariba, SAP FioriS/4 HANA
  1. Benefits with SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCI)

    • Pre-delivered process and data integration capabilities
    • SAP best practices to integrate with existing on-premise ERP and HCM systems
    • Flexible and customizable activities and implementation patterns to fit customer needs
    • Web-service based integration – SAP HCM and SuccessFactors modules with SAP HCI


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SAP SuccessFactors

Value Drivers

  • Seamless process and data migration with flexible and automated data exchange
  • Intuitive interface for developers and administrators with rich user experience Enhanced security for seamless HR data transfer according to standard SAP governance protocols
  • Faster setup of HRIS systems, migration of SAP HCM Modules to the cloud enabling customers to significantly reduce cost and time
  • Leverage existing on premise investments and fully benefit from innovation delivered via HANA cloud solutions
  • Our SuccessFactors integration supports real-time integration and elastically scales to meet high-volume needs of multiple platforms and diverse deployment environments
SAP SuccessFactors Solutions

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