At Mobolutions, we see support as not a reactive approach, but a continuous proactive engagement.

As a trusted SAP global partner, we offer a full spectrum of mission-critical SAP support services that are highly customized to empower your SAP business platform.

We understand the constantly evolving business demands, varied ERP support, and unique challenge for organizations. We help enterprises optimize SAP software by bringing in ERP-specific expertise, robust operating methods and tools that seamlessly align our resources with your core ERP strategy.

We have proven expertise across multiple business verticals such as Telco, Utilities, Retail, and Finance – industries for which we deliver cost reduction, risk mitigation and return on investment. Our innovative support model helps businesses engage with customers collaboratively to drive value.

Mobolutions’ threefold strategic business model:

Mobolutions simplifies the SAP implementation: we thoroughly evaluate and streamline business processes with handpicked best practices. The phases of configuration, customization, documentation, testing, and training are simply re-engineered to define project goals and ROI objectives.

Mobolutions enables you to sustain the SAP landscape by integrating process automation functionalities that operate in real-time without relying on periodic updates. By taking a business-driven approach to ERP investments, we streamline your business, increase organizational efficiencies, improve customer engagement, and unlock new lasting value.

Mobolutions’ SAP tools are custom-built to help you scale as your business grows and as you add more industry-specific functionality. We provide full business agility and responsiveness and adequate ERP capabilities to manage the growing workloads. Our optimized, scalable solutions reduce the complexity associated with growth, and introduce an efficiently built workflow.

SAP Support

SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management Support

Mobolutions deploys SAP BRIM suite and offers tailored solutions for subscriptions & usage-based billing. With no burdens of fixed costs or big in-house technical support, we implement a solid pay-per-use business model.

In addition to generating constant revenue, enterprises can closely monitor users’ consumption behavior and gain actionable insights and identify potential new opportunities.

Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable (FI-CA)

Mobolutions helps businesses implement an advanced support module for tracking accounts receivable / payable data. FI-CA support is crucial for enterprises to effectively handle complex and the increased data volume.

Our SAP BRIM expertise extends our continuous support to businesses that have multiple customers and many different receivable types. Mobolutions’ FI-CA support empowers businesses with the capability of managing millions of transactions a day with no performance issues.

Convergent Invoicing (CI)

Mobolutions’ SAP Convergent Invoicing support brings billable events and services together from several billing streams and consolidates high-volume invoices into a single, converged one.

This pricing model helps enterprises automatically produce coherent invoices that can be tracked for flexible invoice-level discounts, different levels of detail, late payments. Our support experts help you set up a model so that you can handle third-party charges or payables efficiently.

Convergent Charging (CC) support

Mobolutions’ SAP Convergent Charging support helps service providers estimate prices and charges for recurring subscriptions and metered usage. The end-to-end charging and billing model offer the customers with insights and control over spending, even augmenting the functionalities of their legacy system.

The support program is led by our experts with decades of experiences and our CC support enables you build new revenue streams with flexible pricing.

DigitalRoute support

Mobolutions offers DigitalRoute module as an out-of-the-box integration for enterprises’ SAP Convergent Mediation. We deploy convergent charging and SAP application as a pre-packaged solution for the service providers to optimize data streams and shorten time to market for new services.

The mediation platform eliminates the need for multiple, disparate solutions and provides a complete solution that addresses the consume-to-cash business process.


Azure Infrastructure Support

Mobolutions helps businesses configure, deploy, and scale their SAP software applications on Azure so they can benefit from on-demand resources in the cloud. We help enterprises leverage the reliable and secure cloud infrastructure platform to quickly deploy SAP solutions and simplify infrastructure management.

Our Azure cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) deploys virtual machines which eliminates the need for implementing servers, storage, virtualization, or networking. For SAP applications’ quality and robust performance, you can rapidly provision VMs.


In order to keep the SAP applications in the Azure cloud landscape healthier, robust, faster, and reliable, Mobolutions offers SAP Business Application Software Integrated solution (BASIS) support.
Our highly skilled SAP BASIS administrators help you with,

  • SAP upgrades and installations
  • ABAP programming
  • End-user focused SAP NetWeaver, JAVA system administration
  • Deploy optimal SAP configuration to increase system availability

Multiple Operating Systems Support

Mobolutions offers several virtualization solutions and technologies to deploy SAP applications on leading OS and virtual environments.

We support,

  • Windows
  • Solaris
  • AIX
  • HP-UX
  • Linux on IBM Power
  • IBM I
  • Linux on IBM z Systems

SAP Networking Support

Mobolutions helps organizations to protect their SAP applications, virtual networks, and workloads in Azure cloud by enabling on-premises, multi-cloud networking support and manage entire network consistently.

We configure multiple cloud network connections to setup unhindered connections between nodes in a scale-out solution and between data centers for a fault-tolerant cloud network.

ABAP Support

Mobolutions’ ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) experts provide consulting and programming services to our global SAP clients. We understand the comprehensive requirements, design, develop, and deploy appropriate solutions and integrate them with the existing systems.

We debug on the customized programs issues and make corrections and additions in existing reports.

Functional Support

Our functional support consultants understand the business cycle and find ways to merge abstract business needs of the client to the logical functional solutions. We effectively document every configurable item on the SAP system in accord with the predefined templates.

Our experts help our clients with proper documentations and to set-up DFD/ERD documentation by conducting GAP analysis on each SAP ABAP module. We extend our support to test the system environment and enhance the performance.

Technical support

Mobolutions’ ABAP support includes software deployment and integrations services. The technical experts build the technical design obtained from the functional team. With a set of ABAP toolkits, we develop and deploy customizable applications.

We are adept in migrating data from the existing legacy system to the currently deployed SAP application.

Why Mobolutions in your SAP support journey?

  • We are a global SAP partner with experienced specialists who offer comprehensive portfolio with real-time support across the globe.
  • Our business model is heavily influenced by time-tested practice of Corporate responsibility (CR) which is the core part of our business strategy where we prioritize impact measurement collaborative work standards.
  • We offer real competitive advantage for our clients through defect resolutions. We have created an extensive roadmap to offer fully developed defect management process to resolve software bugs emerge during the development cycle.
  • Strong service-level agreements (SLAs): we have strong practices in place to adhere predefined obligations and to quantify business expectations. We also establish measurable standards to fulfill performance commitments.
  • Our business model engages enterprises anywhere across the globe and they can access our resources and support remotely with unprecedented speed and flexibility.
  • The continuous betterment is ensured as we help enterprises enhance functionality in a constant basis and fix recurring implementation issues through effective RCA and reporting.
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