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Fully optimized, Intuitive, Fiori-designed apps tailored for your business

Ever since SAP launched S/4HANA, their innovative enterprise platform, users get to streamline and boost their business productivity through the SAP Fiori Apps. These user-centered apps provide enterprises with a completely new and simple user experience.

But with more than 12000 apps with multiple functional capabilities, it is difficult to find the most relevant apps for your business. We, Mobolutions, are an experienced SAP Partner and we help enterprises to effectively analyze your existing SAP landscape and determine the right standard Fiori applications to have seamless experiences and ensure a consistent experience across different devices.

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Modernized User Experience Like Never Before

SAP Fiori has packaged a collection of standard business applications that work consistently across desktops, tablets, and mobile phonesfor the SAP users’ business activities.

Mobolutions brings its years of expertise in choosing the Fiori apps and their lean user interface, along with great UX to meet your business needs. The result is the users don’t need to know T-codes. They can access business information without having to navigate through a complex web of steps.

Our strategy involves discovering the balance between apps that facilitate better performance that is also end-to-end user-centric.
We help developers with SAP’s advancedinterface development toolkit SAPUI5. Users can have easy-to-use functionswith unmatched responsiveness.

The standard SAP Fiori applications are role-based: you gain accessto important functions. The feature-rich interactive applications show the most relevant information to the users.

The responsive framework enables the apps to fit any screen size of any device.

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3 Types Of Standard Fiori Apps

You can optimize the applications for the diverse business functions ofplacing an order, warehouse management, approving a purchase order, checking warehouse inventory,calculation applications, and several self-service apps.

SAP Fiori comes with 3 types of business applications to effectively manage SAP tasks:

  • Transactional Apps
  • Fact Sheet Apps
  • Analytical Apps

Transactional Apps

Transactional Applications support complex transactions in the SAP system and allow users to perform SAP transactions on their mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. These apps provide a robust platform to create leave requests, approve purchase orders, etc.

In accessing the leave plan of an employee, for example, the user can use a transactional app to access leave plan categories, eligible plans, and download the document locally.

Fact Sheet Apps

Fact Sheet Apps display key business information and enable users to view contextual data such as purchase contracts and vendor details. With Fact Sheets, enterprises can drill down to the summary of information, easily navigate to the purchase orders, and pull up the material’s goods receipt.

Fact Sheet Apps are custom-built to access the information from anywhere through Fiori’s standardized interface. Users can harness the innovative capabilities better.

Analytical Apps

SAP Fiori’s Analytical Apps allow users to track key performance measures and they provide role-based, real-time information about the business operations. Enterprises are empowered with greater visibility: they can effectively perform complex aggregations and closely monitorKPIs.

Analytical apps provide end-to-end insight into various business scenarios, simulations, and forecasting. You can perform complex aggregations and calculations of your business operations and react immediately as per the changes in the market condition.

SAP Fiori Implementation

Why Mobolutions: our value drivers

  • We help businesses build holistic user experience and render the business processes simple, faster, and error-free.
  • Our extensive roadmap for standard Fiori apps adoption can help enterprises drive reductions in time spent on tasks of up 30-40%.
  • We facilitate a better, more intuitive workflow, making essential functionality easy to use, and eliminating clutter.
  • Mobolutions assists businesses with app personalization to make the experience pleasant, and help users find unique solutions that fit their needs.
SAP Fiori Apps

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