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Know your inventory, know it better with SAP inventory Management

Manufacturing companies deal with thousands of materials on a day-to-day basis. Managing optimum Inventory in such enterprises is cumbersome and it can affect the cash flow directly.

SAP Stock | SAP Stock overview app

For Large-scale SAP enterprises with Inventory units/hubs widespread across regions, it is arduous to maintain bulk stock data and control the inventory from a single source.

To streamline this process and to enable you to have an overview of your inventory from one place, empower your enterprise with SAP Stock Overview Mobile Application and mobilize your inventory/stock data on mobile and manage it ubiquitously.

Why SAP Stock Overview Application?

Automating the SAP Inventory Management process and enabling the warehouse employees with a mobile application will give them the edge of Stock Overview and accelerate the response times

The SAP Stock Overview Mobile Application assists enterprises and warehouse employees with transparent inventory details for effective Inventory and/or Material Management without any hindrance

Key Features on SAP Inventory Management

  • Intuitive user interface – The Stock Overview App is designed to perform seamlessly and is highly responsive
  • Instant Inventory Management decisions – Enables you to execute instant inventory decisions based on stock availability
  • Accurate Inventory Management– Eliminate the manual flaws when recording the SAP Inventory data and improve the accuracy associated with it
  • In-built Barcode Scanner – The Stock Overview Mobile App enables the users to scan the shipped materials received with the barcode scanner feature and proceed further thereby improving the SAP Inventory Management process effectively
  • Comprehensive stock overview – It is featured with options to provide you with a high level of detailing of stock by plant, by material, and by stock type
  • Secure, Easy-to-Deploy and Use – Bound with a security solution that enables a secure and safe stock monitoring
SAP Stock Overview App

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    SAP Stock Overview App

    Value Drivers

    • Reduce Downtime with Accurate SAP Inventory Management With the most accurate details of Inventory data being generated from the SAP Backend, the data is accurate and reduces your downtime enormously
    • Simplified Inventory/Material Management process Scanning the batch numbers of materials shipped for inventory will simplify the Inventory Management process
    • Improved decision-making Adopt real-time access to SAP Inventory data for improved Material Management Process
    • Enhance productivity The Stock Overview App deployed may enhance your productivity and eliminates the need of manual stock taking and monitoring
    • Cost-effective solution The Stock Overview App is developed and deployed at a lower cost and helps your business become more profitable mode
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