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Embrace SAP-enabled mobile applications to empower your modern, virtually connected workforce

As digital natives, Millennials and Generation Z, increasingly take over the workforce, traditional organizations need to undergo a paradigm shift to thrive in this new and disruptive business environment. Most organizations are now adapting cutting-edge mobile technologies to bridge traditional processes with the modern workforce, thus enabling ‘work while on the move’ concept to maximize collaboration and enhance productivity.

SAP Fiori

Mobolutions enables companies of all sizes to transform the way they do business through its User Experience (UX) services. Using SAP Fiori as the technology foundation, we can help you simplify your existing SAP landscape, sustain business growth and scale your profits.

As an expert in SAP Fiori 2.0, the latest evolution of the user experience solution for SAP systems, including SAP S/4 HANA, our team possess the skills, experience, and technical capability to deliver consumer-grade UX across industries and help businesses with the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity with easy access to data across all business functions
  • Improved efficiency by allowing workforce to take decisions from anywhere, anytime
  • Senior executives can take critical decisions with instant access to business insights
  • Retain young, hyper-connected talents with intuitive and easy-to-use UX solutions

Our Offerings

Choose from among our extensive suite of SAP Fiori services to find the perfect fit for your current needs and challenges.

UX Assessment Services

Using Design thinking approach, we assess your current business scenario, near-future growth needs, evaluate your SAP technology landscape for UX readiness, and build a cohesive UX solution roadmap, using SAP Fiori technology that will help you start your UX journey.

UX Strategy & Advisory Services
  • Fiori Roadmap

We will help you create a road map for a successful Fiori implementation by analyzing your business pain points, projecting a timeline and estimating costs. We provide a full Analysis documentation and Transformation Roadmap documentation at the end of the engagement.

  • UX Strategy

Adopting a Design Thinking approach to UX, we will analyze your business scenario, identify any gaps in SAP, and analyze your specific customization requirements to recommend the product end screen design as well as functional, technical, and infrastructure specs.

Develop, Run and Scale Services

As a Certified RDF Partner, we can help you go live with Fiori in less than 3 weeks. Aside from standard Fiori implementations, we can help you Develop custom implementations and deployments, run your business by managing day-to-day operations, and Scale by growing and innovating your capabilities as need and opportunities arise.

UX Adaptation Services

We ensure successful UX business transition with our change management program encompassing periodic training to SAP-users, supported by UX usage tools, manuals and documents. To ensure UX continuity matching to ever-changing business needs, we also provide application enhancement and support services.

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