How Does Mobilizing SAP Fiori Apps for SAP HCM Improve Business Productivity?

How Does Mobilizing SAP Fiori Apps for SAP HCM Improve Business Productivity?

SAP businesses are able to adapt and customize their offering to their end users due to which they end up addressing specific use cases and to their companies needs. This is the same with Fiori apps. Since SAP Fiori apps come with pre-defined extension points they are also customizable according to business needs

While most of the SAP companies consider the Human Resource function to be the key for the operations to run efficiently. In an effort to streamline cost, effort, and time, companies work hand-in-hand try and adapt to various business models that reduce cost and risk involved Today’s SAP business is confronted with various challenges that previous generations could never have imagined. HR’s roles and responsibilities are constantly being pushed, pulled and redefined. So are the expectations that the C-suite is placing on HR leadership. The forceful trends buffeting HR vary, from the ever-evolving demographics of the workforce to the nearly continuous advancements in technology.

It’s enough to make HR leadership run for cover. Instead, HR should take a fresh look at the power and benefits of an automated HR help desk (aka the HR case management solution or system). A fully featured HR help desk can be an ally to HR in more ways than may seem obvious. It can help alleviate, if not totally overcome, five of the most pressing challenges facing HR today

The SAP Human Resources solution offers a complete and integrated set of tools to help you effectively manage your people. The solution helps you hire, develop, reward, and retain talent. At the same time, you can automate your core HR processes to increase efficiency in your HR department, reduce HR costs, enable accessibility via mobile devices, and support compliance. And when you want to outsource HR processes or run an internal shared service center, the solution supports these deployment models in ways that reduce risk and cost.

Learn about what‘s new in our core HR rapid-deployment solutions for personnel administration, organizational management and employee and manager self-services. Find out how they can be a valuable foundation for cloud HR customers. Help your customers get a head start in providing intuitive, consumer-grade user interfaces for their employees, managers and HR professionals.

Enrich your productivity with SAP Fiori apps deployment by extending the SAP Fiori app, for example, with an additional field using Eclipse or the cloud offering of SAP Web IDE. You can also find a detailed description on how to customize the SAP Fiori app with the SAP Fiori Theme Designer. SAP Fiori apps come along with pre-defined extension points using which the SAP Fiori apps can be extended as per user requirements.

Role: Manager-HR Info
1. SAP Fiori Approve Leave Requests App

SAP Fiori’s “Approve Leave Requests” app empowers HCM Managers to browse, approve or reject leave requests instantly. It provides managers with access to team calendar and leave details to effectively plan and manage leave requests. Additionally, HR managers can view leave entitlement details, add attachments or comments, view employee’s leave history and take decisions based on his/her available leave balance

SAP Fiori Approve Leave Requests App
2. SAP Fiori Approve Timesheets App

SAP Fiori’s ‘Approve Timesheets’ app provides HR managers with the power to approve or reject timesheets on the move. It provides managers with corrective and detailed insights of all pending requests to approve or reject them instantly. In addition, managers can search based on any particular employee, get weekly summary of time entries and approve or reject them as a single or multiple entries

SAP Fiori My Timesheet App
Role: Manager
3. SAP Fiori My Inbox App

SAP Fiori’s ‘My Inbox’ app is broadly used by modern-day managers to take important decisions such as approving or rejecting in custom workflow tasks and claims, release or forward any request in standard workflow tasks via any device instantly. These tasks can be processed from their own SAP Business Workflow, SAP Business Process Management (BPM), and 3rd party providers and provides useful features such as view, add or delete attachments/comments, send emails, browse, filter, sort or group tasks that require actions. Managers can also assign substitutions to these tasks to manage even when they are away from their desk

My Inbox Fiori App
Role: Employee – HR Info
4. SAP Fiori Employee Factsheets App

SAP Fiori’s ‘Employee Factsheets’ app allows employees to get detailed information about his colleagues such as name, image, position details. It provides insights into an employee’s project details, tags, employments, controlling information and so on. Employees can also update both organization or general information. Additionally, the factsheet app will provide access links through which you can easily navigate to the other associated apps

SAP Fiori Employee Factsheet App
5. SAP Fiori Employee Lookup App

SAP Fiori’s ‘Employee Lookup’ app allows employees to have an overview about any employee’s organisational and communication details with name and reporting details. The SAP Fiori Employee Lookup App can also be used by all concurrent employees to view details about a preferred personal assignment. Additionally, it also allows users to view employee’s direct reviews

SAP Fiori Employee Lookup App
6.SAP Fiori Manage My Timesheets App

With SAP Fiori ‘Manage My Timesheets’ app, employees can easily manage timesheets for project-based services. It allows to employees to record time for both project and non-project related tasks such as billing, invoices, administration, travel time, training etc. Employees can view details on their assigned projects and related work packages. Additionally, employees can create, edit, or delete time entries for a particular week, create a new note or navigate to selected week to define first day of the week

SAP Fiori Manage My Timesheet App
7. SAP Fiori My Benefits App

SAP Fiori’s ‘My Benefits’ app allows employees to view details on HR benefits such as medical plans, insurance schemes, supplementary life insurance etc. to which he is entitled. It also provides access links where employees can get clear insights about any particular benefit such as coverage details, pre-tax/post-tax cost, payroll frequency, beneficiaries, and so on this can be downloaded locally as PDF on any device

SAP Fiori My Benefits App
8. SAP Fiori My Leave Requests App

SAP Fiori’s ‘My Leave Requests’ app allows employees to instantly create and send their leave requests, including permissions, from their mobile devices to their managers for approval. It enables to easily track status of the request, view available leave balance, raise attendances on training and business trips, view/add attachments, withdraw or reset leave requests and add a note to the approver.

SAP Fiori My Leave Requests App
9. SAP Fiori My Paystubs App

SAP Fiori ‘My Paystubs’ app provides employees with easy access to their payslips. It helps you to check detailed earnings and deductions for any selected payroll period. Employees can get details on payer & payee, employee’s social security number, personnel no, tax deductions, gross pay, net salary and so on. A PDF version of payslip can also be downloaded onto your device for future use

SAP Fiori My Paystubs App
10. SAP Fiori My Team Calendar App

SAP Fiori ‘My Team Calendar’ app enables employees to view details on all upcoming events and trainings assigned to his team. Managers can view leave records, work schedules of all his reportees to effectively manage leaves, organize training sessions based on need and availability of his team members

SAP Fiori My Team Calendar App
11. SAP Fiori My Time Events App

SAP Fiori’s ‘My Time Events’ app empowers employees to create, edit, delete or post time events such as employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs or start and end of work. Employees receive notifications for missing or incorrect time entries for chosen personnel assignment. Employees can also view or download timesheet statements for any specific period

SAP Fiori My Time Events App
12. SAP Fiori My Timesheet App

SAP Fiori’s ‘My Timesheet’ app allows employees to create new or revise, change or copy existing timesheet entries and manage their timesheet entries by recording clock-in/clock-out time with tasks. It helps organization to have a flexible and efficient control of time management process. Additionally, employees can view, manage or delete time entry details with one-step release as biweekly or weekly data in case of desktop/tablet and mobile respectively.

SAP Fiori My Timesheet App
13. SAP Fiori People Profile App

SAP Fiori’s ‘People Profile’ app empowers employees to display an inquiry about his/her own information including incomplete/missing time entries, planned leave or upcoming training courses which he/she is entitled to receive. Additionally, it provides insights into performance, progression, qualifications & skills, payslips, salary & bonus information. If the user is a manager, then he can view the notes created against each of his direct reportees

SAP Fiori People Profile App

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