What is a Fiori Launchpad and How is it Navigated?

What is a Fiori Launchpad and How is it Navigated?
Defining SAP Fiori Launchpad Designer and its common purpose

SAP Fiori Launchpad is a web-based entry point that delivers configuration capabilities for frequently used business apps across platforms and devices. SAP Fiori Launchpad Designer is an administrator tool that is generally controlled by SAP Basis Administrator or Fiori Administrator to manage catalogs, groups and tiles. Featured to best work on desktops, the SAP Fiori Launchpad Designer can also be used in smartphones and handheld devices, where users would need to simply install SAP Fiori Client to setup the Launchpad.

Three main elements of a Fiori Launchpad

Tiles – outlines or represents an app on the Fiori Launchpad Screen and is the starting point for configuring your SAP Fiori Launchpad

Catalogs – a predefined collection of Fiori Apps that are generally role-based or user-specific. Provides users an overview of all available apps for their roles and business processes

Groups –   a subset of Catalogs that guides you through the Fiori Launchpad by enlisting all available Fiori Apps for any particular group where users are assigned

How is the Launchpad navigated?

The user can personalize the layout of the home page, by grouping, moving, and removing tiles; add, delete, rename, and reorder groups. Search Capabilities & Bookmarks

The Launchpad provides search capabilities, including support for SAP Enterprise Search to search across SAP Business Suite entities, and enabling search in the tile catalog.

How to add/customize tiles?

Select the show/hide group panel
Click on the tile catalog
Search tile from the catalog using search bar

How to Insert or add tile?

You can add tiles to the existing groups or to the new group
The Launchpad provides you with a tile catalog, which displays all the tiles that you have access to. Each tile will have either the “Add” icon or “Tick” icon
ImageThis icon represents that the tile has not been assigned to any group so far
Image This icon represents that the list has been already assigned to some group

How to remove tiles?

Click on the “Personalize Homepage” icon on the Launchpad bottom of the right corner to remove tiles
To remove a tile from the group, just tap on the app tile and click on “Remove” button

How to add/remove groups?

Tiles are displayed on a user’s entry page depending on the group assigned to the user’s role.
In addition, the user can personalize the entry page by adding or removing apps to pre-delivered groups or self-defined groups
To create a new group, click on “Add Group” button and give the name for the group

How to go to a specific app using Search Bar?

Type in the app name in the search bar which is available on the Home screen
For example: Display G/L Account balances

How to go to the specific app using Group panel?

Click on the show/hide group panel and choose the specific group from the list
Now select the required app tile ‘Display G/L Account balances’ from the group ‘G/L Accountant’

As an additional note, the SAP Fiori Launchpad can be used on multiple devices and deployed on multiple platforms like SAP NetWeaver Application Server (ABAP Stack), SAP Enterprise Portal and SAP HANA Cloud Platform. It can include both SAP Fiori applications (Transactional, Analytical and Factsheet) along with other custom SAPUI5 applications, WebDynpro ABAP, SAP Web GUI and SAP Screen Personas flavors. SAP Jam feeds and SAP Lumira reports can also be integrated. Though there may be differences as per deployment options.

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