SAP Finance and Contract Accounting

Utilize SAP FICA to bring in effective finance processes and settlements. Discover collective billing, customer relationship, agreements, and learn how to utilize dunning process to notify customers.


Dunning offers customers with payment materials which have been due to the past and which require payment to be made within a particular period. Dunning procedures can be assigned to contract accounts or specific open items in the system. The dunning procedures are used by the dunning proposals to evaluate whether there are dunning items on an affiliate or contract account.

Configuration steps

Dunning Activities: Dunning Activities is where it stores letters of data to send to users. Dunning Procedure: The dunning procedure determines how dunning is done properly with the dunning activities included within the dunning levels.

Execution steps

Dunning proposal: A dunning proposal is made up of the elements categorized for dunning notices. Dunning Activity: When a certain dunning level is attained during a dunning operation, monitoring is done.

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