Enhance the data enrichment process for streamlined billing and invoicing in real-time. Learn more about the remittance,YCIT, and Payment Record workflows with the help of DR.

Remittance workflow

Remittance Collection

  • Collection of raw data with multiple extensions from the source.
  • Identification of the file type from the extension.
  • Data decoding using a decoder.
  • Conversion of the decoded data into the required format.
  • The raw data is archived to avoid data loss or duplicity.

Email Notification Workflow

  • Collection of error records from remittance processing workflow.
  • Summarizing the error data list and sending email to business users for correction.

Remittance Processing

  • Obtaining data from the remittance collections workflow.
  • Deduction of the collected data into the requested format.
  • Validating the formatted data using the validation module to ensure that all the required parameters are included. If the validation results in an error, it is passed on for correction.
  • Data enrichment and collection of audit information
  • Inserting the formatted file and audit information into the HANA database
  • Report Generation

Payment Advice Note RFC Workflow

  • Collection of raw data from source system.
  • DRM sends data to FICA through RFC Call.

Online Offline CIT BIT Workflow

YCIT Collection

  • Collection of raw data from source system by making use of a specific format for filename.
  • Deducing the raw data in ASCII file with pipe separated values.
  • Validating the data for all the requested parameters using a validation module. Error in the validation zone is sent for correction.
  • Data enrichment and generation of audit information.
  • Archiving the raw data.
  • Distributing the formatted file to online or offline depending on the filename.

YCIT Processing -Online Rating

  • Collection of the formatted data from the YCIT collection workflow.
  • Send charging request to the real-time agent SAP Convergent Charging for handling the response.

YCIT Batch -Offline Rating

  • Collection of the formatted data from the YCIT collections workflow.
  • Send the list of chargeable items to the offline SAP CC server to charge according to the consumption by the end user.
  • Send charging requests to back-end SAP CC server for handling the response.
  • Issue batch acquisition operation request for billable items.
  • Handling the returned operation result.
  • Send event-based advice of charge to the back-end SAP CC server and handle the response.

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