SAP Fiori Demo – A Glimpse into your Enterprise Future

Transactional applications – that allow users to purchase SAP on mobile and desktop computers. For example, a transactional app is available for the creation of a request for leave and another for approval of a buy order.

SAP Fiori is the often and widely used SAP application suite that includes workflow permissions, data queries, and self-service activities. Fiori is a modern SAP-designed application. It offers fast and easy accessibility to desktops, laptops, and smartphones.

Fiori is not just a modern interface for the users. There are several cross-device applications that enable users to start a process on their desktop and continue it on a tablet or smartphone, among others. SAP is building its Fiori applications on its new SAPUI5 user interface.

SAP lists three types of Fiori apps:

  • Transactional Applications
  • Fact Sheets
  • Analytical Application
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Fact sheets – that display main business items detail in SAP. For example, an app for visualizing a central purchasing contract provides the consumer with the ability to further explore related organizations, such as vendor details, contract details and terms.

Analytical applications – that enable users to view key performance metrics and additional business statistics.

Major core principles for SAP Fiori:

  • Role-based
  • Responsiveness
  • Simple
  • Seamless Experience
  • Delightful
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    Deploy SAP Fiori Apps in 3 weeks

    With SAP Best Practices, the SAP Fiori applications have rapid deployment options and can launch one or more SAP Fiori apps at a predictable time and cost at a wide range of optional services.

    Check our SAP Fiori Demo trail along with SAP Fiori Rapid Deployment Packages which will transform your user engagement into a digital experience and help your business transform. We as a qualified SAP Fiori RDS partner bring years of mobility and SAP Fiori deployment experience across industries.

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    Key Benefits

    Simple design: Fiori frameworks have a standardized user interface design that allows users to better understand the displayed information.

    Seamless: SAP Fiori has the capacity and responsiveness to evolve and respond and can integrate with existing SAP on-premise, cloud, or hybrid solutions seamlessly.

    Speed: Fiori app provides a simple way to display details on various devices without impacting stability and speed.

    Security: Fiori app improves transparency and data quality by ensuring details in the system easier to enter.

    Improved Productivity: SAP Fiori app ensures faster and direct access to relevant information, better transparency, and timely notifications.

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