Azure Cloud Services

Simplify, accelerate, and sustain your SAP applications on the Azure cloud platform.

Digitizing at speed and scale: SAP on Azure

SAP customers across the globe are striving to achieve increased productivity, operational efficiency, and flexibly manage IT services – all with agile innovation. Mobolutions harnesses the power of Microsoft Azure and delivers end-to-end SAP-centric cloud migration services.
Mobolutions – a Microsoft Gold partner – makes a valuable difference in enterprises’ digital transformation journey as we help customers migrate their SAP applications smoothly to Azure while addressing all complexities and challenges.
Our best-in-class, Mobolutions-built solutions for the Azure ecosystem provide the flexibility, scalability, and security to meet your business needs.

The core capabilities of Mobolutions’ SAP cloud Migration

Choose from our extensive suite of cloud services to find the perfect fit for your current needs and challenges.


Save Costs Through
Virtual Machine Instances (RIs).

By reserving virtual machines in advance for the term of 3 years, organizations can save up to 40-60%, compared to the traditional pay-as-you-go model. Enterprises with predictable SAP workloads can forecast the business budget and plan.
RIs enables businesses to deliver tangible outcomes faster and drive business performance.

Well-defined Cloud Roadmap

Cloud Roadmap

We bring in our cloud expertise to diagnose your organization’scloud readiness and rapidly identify gaps. We analyze the workload, business cases, and security and compliance to determine the approaches for a seamless cloud transition of your SAP infrastructure.
Mobolutions puts forth a clear strategy and offers an array of frameworks, accelerators, solution designs, and tools to help you seamlessly adopt Azure for SAP.

Deployment Models

Flexible Deployment Models
Deployment Models

Azure provisions a variety of cloud offerings for SAP: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and hybrid cloud. Based on your unique business paradigm, Azure provides pay-as-you-go access to storage (IaaS), access to a cloud-based environment (PaaS), software and applications through the web (SaaS), and taking the best from both public cloud and on-premise IT (hybrid architecture).

Fully Managed Disaster Recovery

Fully Managed
Disaster Recovery

Proactively protect your SAP ecosystem through Azure’s robust Cloud disaster recovery. When disaster strikes in the forms of power outages, IT hardware failures, natural disasters, or through human error, Azure backs up the organization’s data and ensures the workloads remain available.

Flexibility and scalablity

and Scalability

95% of the Fortune 500 companies – companies of all sizes – rely solely on Azure for their cloud-based digital transformation. The trust is gained by Azure’s functional expertise in migrating enterprises’ mission-critical SAP applications and processes and thus accelerating innovation and increasing agility across the SAP landscape.
Mobolutions’ Azure cloud migration service provisions and operates IT infrastructure and applications anywhere and anytime in the cloud with high resiliency. The scalability can effectively handle increasing volumes of SAP workloads with ease.

Business Benefits of Azure: Boldly evolve your business portfolio

Ensure A Truly Digitally Connected Enterprise

By enabling a successful migration into the Azure cloud environment, Mobolutions helps businesses increasing digital connectivity between the company and its customers, supply chain and employees. We modernize your SAP landscape, making it more dynamic and agile.

This transition of your core infrastructure into the Cloud facilitates real-time insights into the effectiveness and responsiveness of the workforce.

SAP Azure Cloud Migration
Improve Availability Through SLA

Improve AvailabilityThrough 99.95% SLA

Azure’s guaranteed SLAs helps you achieve optimal uptime and resource availability at all times. The guaranteed VM connectivity enhances the cloud-native architectures by keeping up with a faster pace of change, growth, and larger volumes.
Businesses can have the promise of resiliency and fault isolation for workloads hosted on Azure infrastructure.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The tightly integrated digital strategies of Mobolutions’ Azure migration program helps organizations drive down their administrative and technology costs. Through infrastructure consolidation and optimization, you can reduce operating costs, increase cash flow, and react quickly to new n.

The shared pool of computing resources to maintain SAP applications leads to considerable annual cost reduction and realize the full business value.

SAP Azure Cloud Migration TCO
Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture

Robust resilience and orchestration capabilities of Azure makes it ideal for business continuity as its high availability ensures 99.99% uptime.

Through Azure, Mobolutions helps businesses anticipate, identify, and respond effectively to potential unexpected threats and risks that could affect business operations. Azure’s dedicated recovery-management is designed to confront any disasters.

Embark on our Azure digital transformation journey and rise to new heights!

Mobolutions’ Azure cloud migration suite provides rapid deployment, security, scalability, and real-time business analytics. Azure cloud is a smarter route for maximizing value and leverage its fullest advantages with Mobolutions!

Azure cloud services

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