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Experience SAP in a whole new way with SAP Fiori UX. Let us create for you a consumer-grade experience when logging into your SAP systems.

The Fiori UX is role-based for every user and is highly responsive across all devices making it simple to use. Know how to simplify SAP Business Process with SAP Fiori Rapid Deployment Solutions…

Simplify SAP Business Process with SAP Fiori RDS

SAP Fiori Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) provides pre-packaged Fiori apps making it seamless for SAP businesses to go live in 3 weeks.

Fiori consists of 10,400+ business applications to address various business challenges across multiple lines of business.

  • Provides role-based and real-time access
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Personalized and coherent user experience (UX)
  • Easy and responsive to use across any device

SAP Fiori Assessment and Demonstration

As a qualified SAP Fiori implementation partner, Mobolutions provides a comprehensive assessment of existing SAP landscape with recommendations. This allows SAP businesses to gain a clear visibility on choosing varied implementation paths.

  • SAP Fiori relevance and readiness analysis using SAP best practices
  • End-to-end Fiori assessment and validation of SAP infrastructure
  • Prerequisites and recommendations for Fiori implementation
  • Personalized Fiori demo and business benefits for your SAP business process
Success Story

When this popular Airline discovered that

71%of Employees spend greater than two hours a week accessing company information on mobile devices, it got them thinking…

A Major US Airline Decides to Take Off with SAP Fiori Applications

About the client

A popular economy airline in the United States operating more than 400 daily flights to more than 59 destinations in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Traditional computing methods were starting to hold their employees back from a digitally secure workplace of the future. The organization deployed SAP Fiori with a mission to empower their people with SAP systems on their mobile devices. The integration of SAP Fiori with the existing OpenText’s Vendor Invoice Management is one-of-a-kind and resulted in accurate, on-time financial reporting with automatic access to Accounts Payable information.

Business Challenges Faced

The Airline aimed at streamlining gaps in their SAP FICO and SAP MM processes to provide greater visibility into financial and procurement operations, reduce approval bottlenecks and support their growth needs.

  • Company merger led to the increased volume of supplier invoices across multiple systems, leading to complexity and delays in vendor payments
  • Limited visibility of process status including approval status creating the unnecessary volume of inbound supplier inquiries
  • Lack of accurate internal status reporting
  • Need for off-line availability to access and approve purchase order securely during low or no network connectivity

The Airline needed a mobile solution that would operate outside of SAP, covering multiple global locations, various invoice types, styles and complexities.

The Strategy

In 2017, the Airline partnered with Mobolutions based on the company’s depth of experience with multiple SAP Fiori projects across the globe. Several solutions were evaluated before ultimately finalizing on SAP Fiori applications. The Airline major chose Fiori since it met the company’s current and expected needs and would enable them to have:

  • Real-time access to major business processes like Purchase Order and Vendor Invoice Management
  • Simple user interface with dashboard reporting
  • Offline capability that syncs securely with the backend when internet connection resumes
  • Customized theming and branding availability
  • Cost effective with no additional licensing fees

By implementing SAP Fiori apps, users experience the latest enterprise-grade applications that steps away from SAP GUI’s complex user interface. It reduces the time taken to attend to business approval tasks by making them available on any device all outside of SAP and in any location.

Mobolutions provided consulting and training services for the deployment. The Airline benefitted from SAP Fiori with quick time to market within 12 weeks and saved costs with no additional licensing fee.

The cross-platform Fiori apps are an apt fit for their current technological requirements, user demands and security needs. As the path ahead, the client plans to implement more Fiori apps to bridge other business process gaps and build a digital workspace that can be accessed from any device, any place, and any network.

Key Benefit Areas

The Fiori deployment resulted in increased flexibility for employees and increased productivity with greater data security outside the corporate network. Key benefits of the project include:

  1. 1
    Business Approvals

    Delivers instant decision-making anywhere. 110 direct users are equipped with single screen transaction and instant approvals on the go.

  2. 2
    Decreased Errors

    Enhances vendor relations with better access to current and accurate vendor information

  3. 3
    Streamlined Workflow

    Boosts productivity and revenue by automating routing, approval, and payment processes. Preconfigured rules, roles and actions ensures regulatory compliance through a well-managed process

  4. 4
    Increased Productivity

    Large volume of SAP MM and SAP FICO data are now managed with greater efficiency and accuracy. Completion of a procurement and payment cycle is instant as opposed to 1-2 days

Value Drivers

  • SAP Fiori RDS to go live in as little as 3 weeks
  • Pre-configured accelerators templates to reduce time and cost of Fiori deployment by 40%
  • An instant rise in productivity with fast implementation powers employees with quick access to real-time data
  • Employees can work anywhere and anytime flexibly
  • Collaboration with SAP Fiori RDS partner for safe and secure implementation
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