SAP Fiori Integration

Mobolutions offers Fiori integration possibilities by integrating your Fiori Launchpad along with SAP and non-SAP Products. Fiori integration with other business products and tools allows the leveraging of custom business processes with the benefit of the Fiori interface.


SAP Jam is the enterprise social network solution to securely collaborate across the organization directly from the Fiori Launchpad. Fiori integration with SAP Jam allows users to share information with a team member or subject matter expert if they encounter any issue while working with a Fiori app and get it quickly resolved.

SAP Jam integration | SAP JAM with Fiori integration

Collaborate within the organization and externally with specific customers, partners, vendors and suppliers

Enterprise Social Networking
Communicate through groups, feeds, discussions and document sharing

Enables decision-making with tools for pros and cons analysis, rankings, forums and more

SAP Lumira | SAP Lumira with Fiori Integration

SAP Lumira

As a self-service data visualization tool, SAP Lumira brings life to data with stunning and interactive maps, charts and infographics. By exporting data from excel or any other source, you can create a business case, analyze trends and share insights with a team.

SAP Lumira in Fiori Integration – Read more

Predict outcomes and changes with market conditions. Dashboard shows overall the analytics of data

Create Stories
Utilize data for organizational needs by creating a story from multiple sources and develop your pitch

Data Share
Share visualizations on different platforms like SAP HANA, Business Objects BI Platform, and SAP Community Network (SCN) etc.

SAP Business Objects Design Studio

With SAP Business Objects Design Studio application designers can create dashboards, analysis applications and planning applications intuitively. After building applications in SAP Business Objects Design Studio they can be made available on the Fiori Launchpad as a tile.

SAP Business Object Design Studio with Fiori Integration

Point of Entry
By integrating Fiori with Business Objects, users avoid launching Business Objects documents via Enterprise Portal or BI Launchpad separately with Fiori Launchpad as the main point of entry

Build Complex Apps
Build applications that require for more complex interactivity and visualizations with Design Studio

Connects across ERP data
Connect business dashboards and apps to your trusted SAP BW and SAP HANA data

SAP Enterprise Portal with Fiori Integration

SAP Enterprise Portal

The SAP Fiori integration with SAP Enterprise Portal allows you to integrate the complete SAP Fiori Launchpad or only a single Fiori app which can be accessed in a tab section. This is especially beneficial if the SAP Enterprise Portal is implemented prior to your organization.

Single Access Point
Continue to use the SAP Enterprise Portal as the single access point for your employees

Choosing App Display
With the SAP Fiori launchpad on Portal, portal users can control which applications appear in their launchpad on mobile devices and on the desktop

Wide Variety of Content
Supports SAP Fiori transactional apps, analytical apps and factsheet apps, Webdynpro apps, customer SAPUI5, native apps and Portal iViews

Office 365 and SharePoint

Businesses are migrating to the cloud for content management and data sharing. With Office 365 – Fiori integration all your SAP and non-SAP tasks are available in a single SharePoint site. Work from Outlook and take decisions from the email body itself.

Office 365 with Share Point | SAP Fiori Integration

Integrated Workflows
Maintain business critical information from tasks, workflows, and receive email notifications for business critical processes by integrating Fiori transactions into SharePoint

Access SAP critical information securely from the Office 365 Cloud

Personalized Dashboards
Build personalized task dashboards for users enabling them to work with any SAP task directly from SharePoint

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