Order Management

Execute seamless order processing using SAP Subscription Order Management. Discover how benefit services enhance their order processing with SAP BRIM.

Leverage SAP Billing & Revenue Innovation Management for Benefit Services to offer B2B, B2C, and B2B2C customers bundled services and pre-packaged benefits along with clarity in the overall business landscape. Unlock the potentiality of the revenue system utilizing transparent revenue sharing models, automated invoicing, and high-volume processing.

Customers can opt-out or add products from the pre-packaged benefit if they may and configure the package according to their unique demands. SAP BRIM supports digital business to completely automate the invoicing and accounting processes and eliminates the complexity.

Mobolutions offer SAP BRIM solution, tailored according to the specific company requirements, and include

  • Bundled Services
  • Automated Intelligent Services
  • Flexibility in the activation of the subscription plan
  • Transparent revenue sharing models
  • On-demand services
  • Individual and consolidated invoicing at the end of the billing cycle

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Organizations with third party partnerships rely on the invoice due for customers. Once they receive payment from them, the organization initiates revenue sharing of a percentage of profit that they obtained from the account receivables as mentioned in the Partner Agreements contract.

Settle payments across partner accounts with feasibility using subscription billing services delivered by SAP BRIM. The process of account payables (AP) involves transition of the pre-billing documents from Convergent Invoicing to Contract Account Payables/ Receivables with necessary data enrichment and mapping in-between.


  • Align customer invoice dues with partner payments
  • Carry out 100% settlements with providers
  • Maintain Partner Agreements contract
  • Provide Subscription services and products to customers while obtaining partner services
  • Individual and consolidated invoicing at the end of the billing cycle

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