Greater scale and flexibility by establishing streamlined Subscription Billing and Revenue Management

Mobolutions simplifies your move toward flexible, subscription-based consumption models and accelerates agility by bundling numerous service consumption into a single subscription, billing, and invoicing for new streams of revenue through SAP BRIM implementation.

The successful transition into FCM is aided by Mobolutions’ extensive support and threefold functionalities of SAP Subscription Order Management, Convergent Charging, and SAP Convergent Invoicing.

We help you monetize by facilitating consolidated billing, automated revenue recognition, instant consumption data metrics, pay-as-you-go revenue, and order billing.

SAP BRIM Capabilities

Simplify & Standardize Recurring Subscription Orders - SAP BRIM

Simplify & Standardize
Recurring Subscription Orders

  Recurring revenue stream – Mobolutions helps you reap the benefits of a more predictable recurring monthly/yearly revenue stream.

  Successful transition from a fixed to a recurring revenue stream for a flexible, scalable, business offerings.

  Track, capture, and manage multiple subscription orders in real-time through SAP BRIM.

  Monitor monthly recurring revenue (MRR) metrics, customer churn rates, and add-on services.

  Efficient consumption metering and rating.

  Renew or suspend the existing subscriptions and upgrade to advanced subscriptions.

  Increased visibility into changes in existing subscriptions

Convergent Invoicing - SAP BRIM

Convergent Invoicing
Execute Complete Mass Billing

  Consolidate multiple billable services, multiple users, events, into a single bill

  Usage aggregation and mediation, and recurring billing rather than a one-time, upfront process

  Access itemized overviews for individual services. It makes it easier for the integration and aggregation of a number of services.

  The one-off billing plan helps you keep track of the billing cycle and rated consumption data records

  Usage telemetry of service features usage, pricing unit of measures throughout the consumption period

  Enable various billing schedules (monthly, quarterly, annually)

Convergent Charging - SAP BRIM

Convergent Charging
One consolidated bill for multiple services

  One consolidated financial view through single invoice pricing.

  Combined, accurate billing for session-based video subscription, monthly-charged publications, prepaid & postpaid data usage.

  Advance operational efficiency by simplifying high volume billing through SAP BRIM Convergent charging

  Scale up the tariff structure without any disruption to existing processes.

  Integrate subscription changes in any service into the pricing model with rapid flexibility.

SAP BRIM Solution Business Benefits

Incredible Convenience

Incredible Convenience

  With no minimum purchase or commitment, consumers can make use of the variety of services

  SAP BRIM enhances the subscription-based revenue model by ensuring effective implementation pay-per-use and auto-renewal services with minimal investment

  Customers can buy, rent, or contract any service from anywhere, at any time with the best possible terms

  Businesses also can count on predictable revenues and increased customer loyalty & retention

Reduce Billing Errors

Reduce Billing Errors

  Significantly reduce invoicing errors and revenue leakage because of inconsistent rating

  Avoid inaccurate data usage calculations and thus delayed invoice generation

  Collate billable items accurately and avoid missed consumed items

  Consistent reconciliation reports and accurate accounting

Advanced Agility

Advanced Agility

  Effectively configure multi-channel subscriptions by fully automating complex quotations and pricing of recurring subscriptions.

  Mobolutions generate automated invoice notifications to customers and provides an invoice history for increased visibility.

Accurate Billing and Payment

Accurate Billing and Payment

  The centralized SAP BRIM system makes it easier to track every change to any of the customer’s subscription at any period of time during the usage

  The pricing complexity is efficiently resolved; overcharging or underpayment is eliminated with precise billing processes

  In media subscription, for instance, subscription-based streaming services, pre-paid and post-paid video content, online library and such services can be seamlessly billed and provided with personalized support

Increased Flexibility and Revenue Recognition

Increased Flexibility and Revenue Recognition

  SAP BRIM makes it possible for individual consumers, SMEs, or even startups to start using your services and products without any upfront setup

  The pay-as-you-go model, encouraged by Mobolutions’ SAP BRIM deployment, supports customers with a limited budget to opt for a recurring payment model

Track Accurate Consumer Metrics

Track Accurate Consumer Metrics

  SAP BRIM solution offers unparalleled insights into the customer value, KPIs, recurring profit margin, and retention rate.

  The real-time metrics helps service providers to offer more customer-centered services.

Real-time data processing through DigitalRoute’s SAP Convergent Mediation

In order to help enterprises convert usage and transactional data into revenue-driven business model, Mobolutions enables an enterprise-wide solution: DigitalRoute’s SAP Convergent Mediation application. 

DigitalRoute’s SAP Convergent Mediation can natively be integrated with SAP BRIM to provide accurate, timely data to drive profits; you also can manage real-time monetization processes by streamlining customer billing processes, while reducing revenue leakage.

The mediation layer of DigitalRoute serves as a competitive and comprehensive billing solution and thus supports SAP BRIM customers to gain valuable insights into their assets and customers. It is custom-built to seamlessly integrate data sources with SAP Convergent Charging application.

Noticeable Features & Advantages

DigitalRoute deploys out-of-the-box integration with SAP Convergent Charging and covers end-to-end billing requirements of transaction rating and charging to meet growing customers’ needs.

  DigitalRoute’s innovative data integration technology offers flexible user configurability to easily process usage data of connected assets.

Unified, real-time data processing helps organizations gain control over data, discover maximum sources of revenue, and rapidly introduce new business models.

Legacy applications and systems, including siloed data, can be integrated for real-time extraction of data feeds.

The ability of businesses to monetize any data is enhanced manifold as the enterprise transaction data is standardized and optimized for SAP BRIM’s business landscape.

It becomes much easier to track all processed records, identify errors and data inconsistencies and improve time-to-market for new service offerings. The customers can gain greater cost efficiencies and offer better customer experiences.

DigitalRoute’s SAP Convergent Mediation delivers reduced total cost of ownership by deploying online & offline data integration.

The scale-out architecture of SAP Convergent Mediation facilitates massive scaling on-demand and capitalizes transaction-based data to create business value and drive new sources of revenue.

By simplifying data infrastructure and centralizing consumption data, the pre-integrated SAP-DigitalRoute solution increases visibility and enables real-time processing of business transactions.


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