SAP Commerce Cloud

Flexible And Continuously Innovative E-Commerce Solution

As online shopping is increasingly adopted by the consumers, enterprises must find the way to deliver digital experience. It becomes important than ever before to offer scalable digital commerce solution to integrate real-time customer data with advanced personalization.

SAP Commerce Cloud is a streamlined, custom-made platform to simplify e-commerce operations. Mobolutions, as an SAP partner, creates an always-on, relevant online buying experience and helps enterprises unlock new market opportunities by empowering customers’ digital shopping experience.

Key Value Drivers

  1. 1
    Personalized buying experience

    Mobolutions allows users to navigate simply through the buying process as we tailor interactions and provide customized offerings based on their specific needs. We provide a rich, customer-centric interface on which they can check, for instance, the availability of the products instantly. Businesses can use automation and predictive analytics to direct personalized outreach campaigns to extend specific offers.

  2. 2
    Competitive advantage through digitization

    Efficiently deploy advanced cloud-enabled digital commerce capabilities with Mobolutions to stay competitive. The rich, out-of-the-box functionality of SAP Commerce Cloud transforms the company’s core and facilitates quick time to market with minimal customization.

  3. 3
    Offer individualized solutions

    Make better use of real-time insights through an integrated system that allows enterprises to access customer experience metrics at every level and offer discounts and special offers.

  4. 4
    Robust Order management

    SAP hybris cloud ensures easy ordering as the customers’ orders reach the systems immediately. A holistic, cross-functional order management allows reorders to be processed ever more quickly and enables transparent order history tracking. We also simplify the payment processes by integrating customized third-party online payment systems.

Why Enterprises Need SAP Commerce Cloud?

  • SAP Commerce Cloud implementation enables you to scale your digital commerce capabilities as business needs evolve.
  • Manage multiple sales and communication channels on a single platform with cloud-enabled digital commerce.
  • Identify additional opportunities for you to drive new growth through seamless integration with SAP CRM (order processing) and SAP ERP (master data).
  • Supports upgradable, extendable, and configurable go-to-market models and defines marketing and commerce solution architecture.
  • Assess and define customer experience, deliver engaging interactions, drive sales and loyalty through prebuilt integration.
  • SAP Commerce Cloud empowers you to have cloud-based build tools, database-as-a-service, scaling, and automated deployments.
  • SAP hybris cloud can integrate seamlessly with your existing SAP S/4HANA to simplify your business processes and avoid complexity.

What Mobolutions Has To Offer?

  • The predefined templates we deliver to several industries builds features and functions into the platform that will enable context-driven services, robust personalization and optimization solution.
  • We offer pre-configured SAP S4/HANA and ECC Integration, Context Driven Services (CDS), and customer-specific Product Catalog.
  • You can monitor business performance against strategic vision and goals to optimize ecommerce and marketing business. It can be achieved through configuration of technology, systems integration, process redesign, and UX design.
  • Our key business Accelerators involve reducing the implementation lifecycle for B2B enterprises, market readiness checks for B2C, providing business tools for a robust Order Management System (OMS), and Cloud for Customer (C4C).
What Unique Skillsets We Bring In?

Why Mobolutions

  • Our key functionality includes multi-storefront solutions, B2B & B2C flows, customer catalogs and pricing, guided product selection, accelerated order, and optimized checkout experience
  • Our unique blend of Platform as a Service (PAAS) and advanced technologies offers everything an enterprise needs to build, test, run, and deploy web applications.
  • We enable customers to assemble and scale price and facilitate real-time order assistance and post-order service
  • In order to increase agility and reducing operational complexity, our Automation as a Service offers functional and technical capabilities.
  • Our e-commerce suite’s tools provide personalization and enhance the core management tools through a wealth of services such as Cloud as service, Marketing cloud, JAM Chatbot, and Social cloud

Unlock the full potential of digital commerce with Mobolutions

Mobolutions brings a complete set of skills, innovations, and services that can help you accelerate your journey in SAP Commerce Cloud implementation.

We tightly integrate digital commerce solutions with your technologies and business processes.

The result is enterprises can drive productivity with a user-friendly cloud solution —helping them stay current and competitive.

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