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Modernize your business processes with Fiori apps library’s business apps

Many companies acknowledge business apps as a key transformational factor in how they function across the entire enterprise. Using apps in an enterprise environment helps organizations move beyond the restrictions of workstation-driven software and capture information to form a complete understanding of their customers and shape their overall business strategy.

Traditionally, enterprises had to resolve several challenges including complex navigation, time-consuming paper-based forms, and other challenges outside the office network like approving requests. With SAP Fiori Apps Library, enterprises are provided with a modern, user-friendly, and intuitive user interface experience.

Fiori Apps Library contains SAP’s module-specific applications. These modules include:

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SAP SCM Fiori Apps | Fiori Supply Chain Management Apps | SAP Fiori SCM tile
SAP SRM Fiori Apps | Fiori Supplier Relationship Management Apps | SAP Fiori SRM tile
SAP GRC Fiori Apps | Fiori Governance Risk and Compliance Apps | SAP Fiori GRC tile
SAP PS Fiori Apps | Fiori Project System Apps | SAP Fiori PS tile
  1. SAP Material Management.

    The SAP Fiori apps library for MM provides you with a well-rounded and coherent user experience across different devices, valuable production insights, and decision-making ability on-the-go. It aligns perfectly with SAP’s current user experience strategy. The Fiori apps library mimics consumers’ online shopping patterns and social media interaction. This consumer-centric experience saves time and drastically improves productivity. The hassle-free app navigation enables you to find exactly what you are looking for and respond quickly to requests. These apps can manage the entire gamut of the material management process, right from procurement to payment and inventory to final voice receipt and verification.

    These SAP MM specific apps include:

    • Approve Service Entry Sheets
    • Approve Supplier Invoice
    • Confirm Receipts of Goods
    • Create Purchase Requisitions
    • Goods Issue
    • Approve Requisitions
    • Approve Purchase Orders
    • Approve Purchase Contracts
    • Order from Requisitions
    • Purchase Info Records
  2. SAP Human Capital Management.

    The SAP Fiori apps library for HCM makes use of SAP’s new UX strategy to help your employees, irrespective of any level, trigger different HR needs, such as paid leave application, viewing of pay stubs, uploading of work-related travel expenses, and much more. Fiori UX simplifies access to HR data and activities on any mobile device for your employees.

    Following are the Fiori Apps for SAP HCM

    • My Leave Requests
    • Approve Leave Requests
    • My Paystubs
    • My Travel Requests
    • Approve Travel Requests
    • My Travel Expense
    • Approve Travel Expense
    • My Timesheet
    • Approve Timesheet
    • Employee Lookup
    • My Benefits
    • My team Calendar
    • People Profile

  3. Warehouse Management

    The SAP Fiori apps library for WM provides you with versatility that makes it much easier for your warehouse personnel to execute their daily activities and tasks. The uncomplicated navigation helps you to identify the tasks that need your immediate attention and quickly respond to approvals needed from you. The new Fiori UX makes you as comfortable as using your smartphone or tablet.

    The WM applications include:

    • Create Inbound Delivery
    • Change Inbound Delivery
    • Run Outbound Process-Deliveries
    • Run Outbound Process-Transportation Unit
    • Process E-Commerce Returns
    • Material Document
    • Batch Overview
    • Transfer Stock
    • Post Goods Receipt Delivery
    • Material Document Overview
  4. Mass Maintenance Products

    SAP Fiori apps library for PP provides versatility that makes the execution of production tasks and operations easy. It allows you to identify the tasks that need immediate attention. These tasks can be accessed through any device.

    The SAP Fiori Apps for PP include:

    • Confirm Production Operations
    • Upload Production Data
    • Manage Buffer Levels
    • Batch Overview
    • Display MRP Material Issues
    • Maintain MRP Controllers
    • Confirm Production Orders
    • Manage Production Orders or Process Orders
    • Schedule PIR Reorganizing Runs
    • Release Production Orders
    • Production Cost Analysis
  5. SAP Logistics Execution

    Fiori Apps for SAP LE allows complete visibility for the user to manage the information and processes involved in all stages of the supply chain. This facilitates tracking carrier performance, gain real-time information about shipments, and assess supply chain performance.

    The SAP Fiori Apps Library for SAP LE has

    • Confirm Production Operations
    • Track Shipments
    • Outbound Delivery
    • Inbound Delivery
    • Schedule Material Availability Check
  6. SAP Environment, Health, and Safety

    Fiori Apps library for SAP EHS aids tremendously in the timely reporting of hazardous circumstances and minimizes risk. The apps help to proactively assess risk and prevent adverse events. Organizations need a systematic approach to manage industrial effluents, comply with environmental regulations and reduce the overall carbon footprint of the company. SAP Environmental, Health & Safety helps organizations do not only that but also manage the safety of the personal workplace of employees such as air quality in the work spot and ergonomics.

    Fiori Apps for SAP EHS include

    • Inspect Safety Controls
    • Retrieve Safety Info
  7. SAP Supplier Relationship Management

    Fiori Apps library for SAP EHS aids tremendously in the timely reporting of hazardous circumstances and minimizes risk. The apps help to proactively assess risk and SAP Fiori Apps for SAP SRM provides innovative ways to optimize gaps in your procurement process. It allows users to work effectively and on the move by mobilizing the purchase approvals process and view key information on contracts and invoices anywhere.

    The Fiori Apps library for SAP SRM has

    • Track Shopping Carts
    • Approve Shopping Carts
    • Central Purchase Contract
    • Purchase Order (SRM)
    • RFx Response
    • RFx
    • Shopping Cart Item
    • Approve Purchase Orders
    • Carry Out Sourcing
  8. SAP Project System

    Fiori apps for SAP PS helps users to juggle project management tasks by making them available on any device, anytime and anywhere outside the corporate network. This ensures close and constant monitoring of all technical and commercial aspects of the project.

    The SAP Fiori Apps Library for SAP PS includes

    • Confirm Network Activity
    • Confirm Project Milestone
    • Change WBS Element Status
    • Project Definition
    • WBS Element
    • Network
    • Activity Confirmation

    SAP Fiori apps library can usher your organization into the enterprise mobility age with minimal disruption to IT, leverage Fiori UX to streamline business processes and functions and drive user adoption across the organization. Fiori apps library enables your employees to access information easily, perform everyday tasks instantly and reduce production errors.

  1. SAP Sales & Distribution.

    The SAP Fiori Apps library for SD delivers a simple, easily adaptable user experience across different devices, easy access to sales-related data, and real-time execution of business decisions. The easy-to-use navigation helps you to identify exactly what you need and take swift action on requests. Fiori Apps for Sales and Distribution provides a complete sales management solution for a broad range of industries.

    These applications include:

    • Sales Inquiry
    • My Quotations
    • Create Sales Order
    • Check Price & Availability
    • Outbound Delivery
    • Customer Billing Document
    • Debit Memo Request
    • Credit Memo Request
    • Customer Invoices
    • My Sales Overview
  2. SAP Customer Relationship Management

    With the aid of Fiori Apps Library for SAP CRM, you can manage the entire customer relationship cycle with ease at your fingertips even when you are away from your desk.

    The Fiori Apps for SAP CRM include:

    • Customer Reports
    • My accounts
    • My appointments
    • My Contacts
    • My Leads
    • My Notes
    • My Opportunities
    • My Tasks
    • Simulate Sales Pipeline
    • Track Sales Pipeline
  3. SAP Plant Maintenance

    Enabling SAP PM with Fiori Apps library provides easy access to all the maintenance related tasks and information through an intuitive and user-driven user experience. This can cut down on the time needed to make critical business decisions. All the maintenance information is available anywhere, anytime on any mobile device.

    The Fiori Apps for SAP Plant Maintenance are:

    • Maintain Bill of Material
    • Find Maintenance Notification
    • Find Maintenance Order
    • Schedule Material Availability Check
    • Mass Maintenance Products
  4. SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling

    Fiori apps library for SAP FICO cuts through all the clutter and provides you with easy access to financial information through its new and improved user experience strategy. This new UX strategy for SAP has redefined how user access and navigate through information. With Fiori apps, you can access the information, anywhere, anytime, and on any mobile device.

    The Fiori Apps for SAP FICO:

    • Display Vendor Balance
    • Schedule Supplier Invoices Jobs
    • Approve Supplier Invoices
    • Post Incoming Invoices
    • Manage Depreciation Runs
    • Display Customer Balances
    • Display Chart Accounts
    • Display G/L Account Balances
    • Display Financial Statements
    • Approve Bank Payments
    • Cash Position Details
    • Make Bank Transfers
    • Clear Outgoing Payments
    • Create Manual Payments
    • Clear Incoming Payments
    • Import Foreign Exchange Rates
    • My Travel & Expenses
    • Open Posting Periods
    • Manage Recurring Journal Entries
  5. SAP Quality Management

    When SAP Quality Management is supported with Fiori, you take the advantage of SAP’s new UX strategy. It makes it easier for your employees to make quality-critical decisions quickly through user-friendly interaction and clearly defined user roles. All the quality management information you need, available anytime, anywhere with a simple swipe on your mobile device.

    The SAP Fiori Apps Library for SAP QM has

    • My Quality Tasks
    • Inspection Lot
    • Inspection Operation
    • Inspection Point
    • Record Inspection Results
    • Report Quality Issues
    • Manage Defects
    • Manage Usage Decisions
    • Display Sampling Procedures
    • Results History
    • Quality Engineer Overview
  6. SAP Supply Chain Management

    Fiori Apps for SAP SCM mobilizes key business processes in logistics, procurement, sales and warehouse management. This helps the business analyze suppliers, customers and transportation options in real-time and respond to tasks anywhere and any device without the constraints of being tied to the desktop.

    SAP Fiori Apps library for SAP SCM has

    • Location
    • Location Product
    • Monitor Capacity Utilization
    • Transportation Lane
    • Pick by Cart
    • Manage Quota Arrangements
    • Purchase Order Value
    • Delivery Performance
  7. SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance

    Fiori Apps library for SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance helps in easy integration of SAP GRC activities into existing processes and mobilizing key SAP GRC operations.

    The Apps library for this module has,

    • Access Approver
    • Access Control User
    • Access Risk
    • Check Request Status
    • Compliance Approver
    • Mitigation Control
    • Request Access
    • Request Access for Others
    • Enterprise Risk Report

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