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The SAP Logistics Execution or SAP LE encompasses Warehouse and Supply Chain activities starting from incoming goods, storing, inventory, shipping, and transportation. To meet the shifts in changing demands, companies must constantly anticipate customer trends, develop, and market new services, manage service portfolios, and analyze customer profitability.To keep pace with the evolving supply chain, SAP LE monitors the entire supply chain processes–procurement, production, warehouse, shipping, and sales.

The SAP Fiori Apps Library for the SAP LE module allows complete visibility for the user to manage the information and processes involved in all stages of the supply chain. This facilitates tracking carrier performance, gain real-time information about shipments, and assess supply chain performance.

SAP Fiori Track Shipments App | SAP LE Fiori App
SAP Fiori Outbound Delivery App | SAP LE Fiori App
SAP Fiori Inbound Delivery App | SAP LE Fiori App
SAP Fiori Schedule Material availability check App - SAP PM Fiori App

1) Track Shipments App

Transportation managers have their hands full with planning and supervising shipments from production to the end-user. Keeping organized records of vehicles, schedules, and completed orders involves huge amounts of data in day-to-day tasks. The Track Shipments app for SAP LE equips them to present precise information to customers on various shipment-related queries easily and quickly through any device

With the Track Shipments app, you can –

  • Search the list of shipments to a customer assigned to each sales representative.
  • View the estimated shipment date and status.
  • Filter shipments by status – shipped, scheduled, or overdue.
  • Display details for a shipment including shipment date, carrier, freight charges, item details, and contacts.

2) Outbound Delivery App

With the Outbound Delivery app by SAP Fiori Apps Library, shipping specialists can search for outbound deliveries based on key attributes such as shipping point, material number, or customer. The app allows you to review the number of packages, their weight, and volume, and the items delivered. This

information aids in planning and execution during loading, packing, and packing. The user can check the status of a delivery and indicate to the customer when the goods will arrive.

With the Outbound Delivery app for SAP Logistics and Execution, you can –

  • View relevant outbound delivery information such as ship-to and sold-to party and the status.
  • Navigate to detailed information in your business context about business partners, material master data, and related sales orders.
  • Display the individual items shipped along with their associated quantities, respective plant, and storage locations.
  • Obtain a document flow for connected process steps. For example, view sales orders created before the outbound delivery, or the material document that recorded goods issue posting for the outbound delivery.

3) Inbound Delivery App

The Inbound Delivery app allows users to search for inbound deliveries based on key aspects such as receiving point, material number, or supplier. View the process flow that provides a graphical overview of the chain of connected process steps and the related business documents. For instance, you can view the purchase order that may have been created before the inbound delivery or the receipt of the goods that recorded inbound delivery.

With the Inbound Delivery app for the SAP LE module, you can –

  • Directly access inbound delivery object pages that are displayed as a worklist.
  • View the contact details of business partners involved in the delivery process.
  • View the individual items to be received with details about the quantity, respective plant, and storage locations.

4) Returns Delivery App

Use the Returns Delivery app to access the most important details of return delivery. With the app, shipping specialists can review the number of packages in an inbound delivery as well as their weight and volume and the items to be received. Users can instantly check the status of a delivery that must be returned and effectively handle customer complaints

With the Returns Delivery app for the SAP LE module, you can –

  • View important returns delivery data such as receiving point, returning party, and status.
  • Display the individual items to be sent back, their associated quantities along respective plant and storage locations.
  • Display the returns process document flow.
SAP LE Fiori Apps

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