Discover how SAP Supplier Relationship Management is effectively utilizing the SAP Fiori apps

SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is an extensive approach to support management and purchasing, enhancing the delivery of resources and goods needed for the enterprise. SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) offers creative approaches for the coordination and efficiency of your corporate operations with the main suppliers.

SAP SRM module allows you to leverage your operational strategies, collaborate well with your supplier network, and achieve lasting advantages from all partnerships with your suppliers. SAP SRM module enables you to evaluate and analyze buying behavior reduce acquisition times and collaborate in real-time with your suppliers. This enables you to establish long-term partnerships with all the suppliers who have proved to be trusted partners.

SAP Fiori apps for SAP SRM

Based on modern User experience, SAP Fiori web applications are built in a way that SAP SRM module functionality is extremely easy and more accessible.

SAP Fiori apps for SAP SRM include real-time SAP ERP implementation, enabling data collection across SAP applications in real-time. For users to access an SAP SRM Fiori app, only a Web browser is needed, which lowers the operating costs for end-users and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The business activities are intuitive and enable people without professional experience and knowledge to understand basic features quickly.

Business benefits

Streamlined procurement

SAP SRM module allows the buying of products and services concise and standardized.

Function Enhancement

The framework can expand with new implementations, e.g. SAP Fiori apps for SRM, and features using its open-label architecture.

Reduction of costs

Automation and outsourcing of operative acquisition procedures lower the cost of the transaction. It also reduces the Total Cost of ownership. All future features are provided through upgrade packs, ensuring flexibility of the deployment functions based on customer preferences.

Efficient Suppliers Management

SAP SRM maintains an enhanced understanding of supplier relationships and helps establish constructive connections with the company’s main cooperation partners.

Simple User Interface

The device process is seamless and comfortable with the use of the UI Add-on interface and the option of expansion by SAP Fiori apps.

Organizations seek to maintain high-quality output while lowering supply costs. By connecting the company with its supply base, multiple levels of suppliers, partners and manufacturers work together and reduce the costs of goods sold. SAP Supplier Relationship Management reduces the time span and cost of procurement cycle from sourcing, purchase, and pay.

SAP Fiori Track Shopping Carts App Tile | SAP Fiori SRM App
SAP Fiori Approve Shopping Carts App Tile | SAP Fiori SRM App
SAP Fiori Central Purchase Contract App Tile | SAP Fiori SRM App
SAP Fiori Purchase Order SRM App Tile | SAP Fiori SRM App
SAP Fiori RFx Response App Tile | SAP Fiori SRM App
SAP Fiori RFx App Tile | SAP Fiori SRM App
SAP Fiori Shopping Cart Item App Tile | SAP Fiori SRM App
SAP Fiori Approve Purchase Orders SRM App Tile | SAP Fiori SRM App
SAP Fiori Carry Out Sourcing App Tile | SAP Fiori SRM App

SAP Fiori Apps for SAP SRM provides innovative ways to optimize gaps in your procurement process. It allows users to work effectively and on the move by mobilizing the purchase approvals process and view key information on contracts and invoices anywhere.

Track Shopping Carts App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

When goods or products are received at a warehouse location, warehouse professionals often have to deal with the tedious task of dealing with a paper-based process. This could potentially lead to mistakes or setbacks in the process and ultimately in inaccurate inventory information. Goods receipt is a vital sub-process within warehouse management that can take a lot of time out of your working hours. With the Create Inbound Delivery app, goods receipt is made easy and you can create inbound deliveries on the basis of the goods that are expected as goods receipt items in WM. You can execute a lot of related tasks through your mobile, without going through humongous sheets of paper.

With the Track Shopping Carts app, you can-

  • Search existing carts and identify the approver, approver’s notes, and track approval status
  • View shopping cart details not limited to account assignment, delivery details, and so on
  • Display item details in the shopping cart

Approve Shopping Carts App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

The Approve Shopping Carts app allows approvers to view pending shopping cart requests and approve entire carts or individual cart items. As the need arises carts that await approval can be forwarded to a different employee for further processing. An optional note can be added to the requester when forwarding.

With the Approve Shopping Carts app, you can –

  • Search and filter all pending shopping carts
  • View details for a shopping cart such as header data and items
  • View individual cart items details such as requested product or service, price, delivery information, and accounting information

Central Purchase Contract App

Application Type: Factsheet (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

A central contract is a legally binding agreement between the purchaser and supplier. A strategic purchaser usually creates the central contract once it is evident that the relationship with the supplier is long term. The quantity and value of purchase orders (POs), limit confirmations, and invoices are released against the central contract.
With the Central Purchase Contract app, you can-

  • Navigate to its related entities such as contacts, items, and conditions of a contract
  • Display target value, expiration date, and status

Purchase Order (SRM) App

Application Type: Factsheet (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

The Purchaser can view contextual information about the SRM Purchase Order business object. The purchase order document records the quantity, time, and conditions under which a vendor or service agent is expected to deliver goods or provide a service to a requester.
With the Purchase Order (SRM) app, you can-

  • Display header data with general information that refers to the whole purchase order
  • Display item data relevant to individual purchase order items
  • Navigate to the contract associated with the purchase order and identify the source of supply

RFx Response App

Application Type: Factsheet (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

The RFx Response app allows the Purchaser to display contextual information about the Supplier Quote business object and to navigate to its related entities. There are multiple terms for RFx response – Supplier Quote and Quotation are the most common ones. With the help of this factsheet, a strategic purchaser can view the responses from a bidder.
With the RFx Response app, you can-

  • Display RFx response
  • Navigating to other factsheets, for example: RFx

RFx App

Application Type: Factsheet (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

The RFx app allows purchasers to view contextual information about the SRM RequestForQuotation business object and allows you to navigate to its related entities. In SAP SRM, Purchasers can create RFx documents for products and services. Suppliers bid on the products and services that are required based on the RFx. This allows the purchaser to determine the most suitable source of supply.
With the RFx app, you can-

  • View details of a bid
  • Navigate to other factsheets, for example: RFx Response

Shopping Cart Item App

Application Type: Factsheet (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

The Shopping Cart app is a factsheet that displays contextual information about the shopping cart items; this includes general information, purchase order details, contacts, account assignment and related documents.

With the Shopping Cart Item app, you can –

  • Display Net Value, Quantity, and Status of PO

Approve Purchase Orders (SRM) App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

The Approve Purchase Orders app allows Procurement Managers to approve or reject or forward a purchase order (PO) in SRM that is assigned to them. You can view additional details such as the approval note, attachments, item details, price conditions, and account assignment.

With the Approve Purchase Orders (SRM) app, you can-

  • View the list of POs for approval at header or item level (depends on the workflow configuration)
  • Forward the PO to a substitute approver

Carry Out Sourcing App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

The Carry Out Sourcing app allows a Purchaser to assign or edit sources of supply and create follow-on documents for the items of a shopping cart available under a purchasing group. Users can view the sources of supply available for an item sorted in the order of expiring contracts, recently used contracts, and lowest price.

With the Carry Out Sourcing app, you can-

  • Use super user authorization to view items that are locked by another user and unlock items locked by another user
  • Display the business card of requester and supplier if a supplier is already assigned
  • Edit item details such as supplier, delivery date, quantity, unit, and price
  • Forward the shopping cart to a different purchasing group and attach a note
  • Create follow-on documents such as auction, RFx, contract, or purchase order
  • Forward the PO to a substitute approver
SAP SRM Fiori Apps

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