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The SAP Supply Chain Management or SAP SCM module is one of the key modules of SAP. It encompasses the business forecasting, demand planning, and production planning aspects. While navigating global supply chains, organizations must be able to identify and react to changes quickly in the supply chain. Fast adaptation to unexpected supply chain events is crucial to survival in the global market. SAP Supply Chain Management handles challenges from production planning to shipping through increased SAP supply chain visibility, meeting on-time delivery, quarterly revenue, and production goals

The SAP Fiori Apps for SAP SCM mobilizes these key business processes. This helps the business analyze suppliers, customers, and transportation options in real-time and respond to tasks anywhere and any device without the constraints of being tied to the desktop.

Apps that are available for the SAP SCM module in SAP Fiori:

Fiori Location App Title | Fiori SCM App
Fiori Location Product App Title | Fiori SCM App
Fiori Monitor Capacity Utilization App Title | Fiori SCM App
Fiori Transportation Lane App Title | Fiori SCM App
Fiori Pick by Cart App Title | Fiori SCM App
Fiori Purchase Order Value App Title | Fiori SCM App
Fiori Manage Quota Arrangements App Title | Fiori SCM App

1) Location

The Location app helps supply planners to view contextual information about the location. The locations can be displayed on a geographical map. The app allows users to navigate to related business objects and access related transactions in operational systems.

With Location App, you can-

  • General information such as location type, time zone, priority, address and contact details.
  • Planning-version-specific representations.
  • Incoming transportation lanes.
  • Outgoing transportation lanes.

2) Location Product

The Location Product app for SAP SCM helps supply planners to view contextual information about the location product. The app allows users to navigate to related business objects and access related transactions in operational systems.

With the Location Products App, you can-

  • Product Group
  • Product in alternative location.
  • General information such as location type, time zone, priority, address and contact details.
  • Planning-version-specific representations.
  • Incoming transportation lanes.
  • Outgoing transportation lanes.

3) Monitor Capacity Utilization

Production planners can monitor the utilization of resources in a selected area of responsibility with the Monitor Capacity Utilization app. The user can receive a quick overview of which resources are already being fully utilized or have a capacity overload so an instant action can be taken for critical situations.

With Monitor Capacity Utilization App, you can-

  • Select an evaluation profile to determine which resources you want to monitor and specify an evaluation horizon to determine the time frame
  • Display a color-coded chart showing the capacity utilization of the monitored resources
  • Modify the app to suit your needs and save the combination of evaluation profile, evaluation horizon, utilization chart settings and filters as a variant
  • Save your personalized variants as tiles on your home page and access the app from the tile itself

4) Transportation Lane

The Transportation lane fact sheet app lets supply planners display contextual information about transportation lanes. The start location and the destination location of a transportation lane can be displayed on a geographical map. The app allows users to navigate to its related business objects and related transactional apps.

With Transportation Lane App for SAP SCM module, you can:

  • General information such as location type, time zone, priority, address, and contact details.
  • Locations
  • Means of transport
  • Product assignments

5) Pick by Cart

The Pick by Cart app for SAP SCM lets a warehouse operative pick multiple orders with a pick cart in a single trip through the warehouse. This app helps to improve customer satisfaction in the following through better picking efficiency, reduced human errors and reduced the cost of warehouse operations.

With the Pick by Cart App, you can-

  • Display handling units (HUs) and their logical positions on a pick cart graphically.
  • View up-to-date picking relevant information.
  • Support scanning.

6) Purchase Order Value

Retrieve the order value for all the purchase orders within a stipulated time with the Purchase Order Value app. The app allows users to determine the KPI value of the purchase orders for a given set of filter criteria, such as materials, supplier, and plant.

With Purchase Order Value App for the SAP SCM module, you can-

  • Search for quota arrangements based on criteria such as material, plant, and validity.
  • Display, create, edit, or delete quota arrangements.
  • Navigate to Material and Supplier factsheet.

7) Manage Quota Arrangements

The term ‘quota arrangement’ refers to the vendor assigned to each source of supply. This app enables Purchasers to specify the portion of a requirement that can be obtained from a certain source of supply over a specific period.

With Manage Quota Arrangements, you can-

  • Perform data analysis in the form of chart and in tabular format
  • Share the analysis results via an email or export as an excel
  • Navigate to related apps such as Purchasing Category Factsheet, Manage Purchasing Category, My Purchasing Document Items, Supplier Factsheet, Manage Purchase Order, Create Purchasing Category, Purchase Order Factsheet

8) Delivery Performance

Monitor the current delivery performance of sales orders and stock transport orders, to keep track of customer satisfaction and retention. If delivery performance is below what is expected, the shipping specialist can navigate to the relevant sales orders, stock transport orders, and master data object pages for detailed information. This would help resolve the issues that cause delivery delays.

With Delivery Performance App for SAP SCM, you can-

  • Receive a graphical overview of current and past delivery performance.
  • Use visual filters or compact filters to analyze delivery performance.
  • View delivery performance results in various chart forms – column chart, bar chart, and so on, and drill down on further dimensions, such as customer, product category, or plant, using the chart filters.

9) Analyze ATP Results

ATP or Available to Promise is a critical supply chain calculation that controls the proportional distribution of products among customers. The Analyze ATP Results App for the SAP SCM module will help you analyze sales requirements for a particular order.

With Analyze ATP results app, you can –

  • Analyze confirmation status, confirmation percentage.
  • Analyze delays if any occurred.
  • Information about substitutions made by rules-based ATP check.
  • Deeper analysis of ATP.

10) Analyze Substitutions

The Analyze Substitutions App encompasses information about the requirements of a sales order item that went through substitution during ATP check.

With Analyze Substitutions App, you can-

  • View information of sales order by its product or by location.
  • Identify the products or locations that underwent a high number of substitutions.
  • View more information on the substitution by drilling down from a product substitution or location substitution.

11) ATP Overview Analysis

The ATP Overview Analysis App for SAP SCM will provide a comprehensive overview of the confirmation of sales orders by using characteristics such as product, location, customer, and desired time.

With ATP Overview Analysis, you can-

  • View the number of requirements for a product in a particular location for given delivery date.
  • Total requested product quantity.
  • Percentage of unconfirmed product quantity.

12) Demand Waterfall Analysis

The Demand Waterfall Analysis App will aid in improving demand and supply forecast and stability by conducting effective analysis of historical forecast information.

With Demand Waterfall Analysis, you can –

  • Display forecast information in visual tables and charts to understand the evolution of forecasts over time.
  • Identify the types of inputs that help in delivering higher forecast accuracy.

13) Explore Days of Supply

The Explore Days of Supply App for SAP SCM will aid you by displaying data that represents the average number of workdays for which the safety stock would cover.

With Explore Days of Supply App, you can-

  • Monitor the days of supply Key Performance Indicator (KPI).
  • Examine any issues if occurred.
  • Have a better knowledge about long-term planning.
  • Optimize stock levels.

14) Explore Supply Stock Deficits

The Explore Supply Stocks Deficits analytic app aids by providing a long-term overview of the supply levels where the quantity of stock may not suffice when compared to the predicted stock.

With Explore Supply Stock Deficits App, you can-

  • Monitor the relevant data corresponding to the supply plan.
  • Analyze the supply data.
  • Perform any examination for analysis if required.

15) Explore Supply Network

The Explore Supply Network App for SAP SCM module allows you to conduct periodic analysis of the planning data and respond to any issues that correspond to the supply chain right away.

With Explore Supply Network App, you can-

  • Display several Key Performance indicators that will allow you to identify the supply network.
  • Eliminate any issues regarding any demand variability or uncertain supply.
  • Maintain your inventory at low levels.
  • Avoid operational inefficiencies.
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