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Streamline your Goods Receipt Process and improve your supply chain efficiency

Enterprises can expedite inbound delivery activities instantly from their mobile devices and ensure optimal stock levels are met. This completely reduces inefficiencies in the supply chain and provides complete visibility to inbound and outbound inventory with SAP barcode scanning and monitoring capabilities.

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Key Features

  • Offline access  Built to execute transactions even in offline mode, thereby  synchronizing the realtime data with your SAP systems when the connectivity resumes
  • Customized search  Powerful search enabler to view Goods Receipts by preset functional parameters (e.g., PO number/Material type, etc.)
  • Comprehensive detailing  This functionality details and displays header and item details of  unreleased POs and PRs to enhance SAP Good Receipt approvals
  • Instant mobile notifications  Notifies the authorized users to keep a tab on inflows for faster processing
  • Quick decision making  Detailed information on stock list, available quantity for quick decision-making

Why is mobilizing SAP Goods Receipt for an Enterprise essential?

From any said business perspective, material procurement duties are significantly important and speedy delivery of materials to the manufacturing line is highly critical. 

The Material procurement team delaying the process of new materials in an efficient manner can affect flow to the manufacturing point resulting in breakdowns, downtime, and wasted resources and leaving the inventory manager to go through the periodic data to analyze trends and determine what items to procure

Automate your goods receipt process and operate efficiently and effectively to drive the rest of supply chain cycle efficiently adding clear value to the customer and assisting in controlling costs 

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SAP Goods Receipt App

Dashboard View

  1. Goods Receipt with PO number

    This feature enables you to post the goods toyour inventory only with a valid PO number, i.e., process the inflow of goods with the same PO (Purchase Order) number that was triggered at the time of creating the order

  2. Goods Receipt via Service Entry Sheet

    This feature allows you to account Service procurement, i.e., inwarding of intangible goods/items (goods generally without a PO entry), for e.g., you may inward or account services rendered by security agencies

  3. Goods Return

    The Goods Receipt application allows you to return goods/return delivery during the time of material procurement, this is useful to return goods with qualitative and quantitative defects

  4. Goods Receipt without PO

    This feature enables you to record all goods that inflow without a PO number. These Goods are tracked separately to have an accountability and balancing the inflows

  5. Custom Search

    “Custom search” helps you track and trace Goods Receipts/Material Procurement entry with the help of a PO number, material document ID, plant ID, etc.

SAP Goods Receipt App

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    SAP Goods Receipt App

    Key Advantages

    • Reduced labor costs By mobilizing the material procurement process with the Goods Receipt App, your enterprise can drawdown labor spend and effectively streamline the procurement management process
    • Reduced time to inventory Automating your material procurement approvals enables in maintaining optimal stock levels and helps you to effectively meet customer demand
    • Eliminate inaccuracies Mobilizing your material management process will eliminate manual errors; this SAP barcode scanner option is built-in for scanning batch numbers to enable faster and accurate processing
    • Increased sales The GR App aids in effective decision making on maintaining stock levels at an optimal level to meet the customer demand thereby leading to an increased sales
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