SAP Sales Order Creation App

Optimize Sales Performance

Enable sales teams to connect with real-time SAP stock details to create sales orders on the go instantly

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Why choose Sales Order Creation App

Most companies struggle with traditional sales ordering techniques with the inability of accomplishing sales tasks on time, on the move. Sales managers and field executives are constantly being challenged to make real-time business decisions to enhance sales efficiency while being geographically segregated and segmented, they choose the optimal path to get the job done by on time.

To stay ahead of complex business cases and challenges that are impacting the bottom line of your enterprise – Empower your enterprise with Sales Order Creation App you can access real-time sales order information from mobile devices – enables sales teams to create sales orders and track stock information instantly to keep the sales order processing operations up and running efficiently.

Equip your sales agents with the Sales Order Creation App to expedite the Sales Order process effectively and efficiently. With the Sales Order Creation App the sales agents can easily create/modify a Sales Order on mobile that meets their specifications. No matter the size of the Sales Order you want to create, Sales Order Creation App will scale to meet your requirements

sap sales order processing app
  1. Instant mobile sales

    Execute sales orders easily and effectively, you may choose to trigger an order from the sales order history and update them instantly

  2. Availability Check

    Integrated with SAP backend to provide real-time stock information and availability to pre-book sales orders

  3. Responsive mobile app

    SAPUI5 application built for deployment usage on any device (also supports BYOD) to achieve higher adoption rates

  4. Automates sales order processes

    Eliminate the need of manual worklists – no stock sheets, material checklists or writing pads required

  5. Offline sales order creation

    Powered with offline capability to create or track sales orders from any convenient location eliminating the restriction of application usage across both online and offline scenarios

SAP Sales Order Creation App

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    SAP Sales Order Creation App

    Key Benefits

    • Reduces sales order processing time, maximize sales performance and boosts ROI
    • Reduced phone calls and inquiries to check or track stock details enhances sales productivity
    • Real-time stock updates enable field agents to create sales orders based on material drives higher customer satisfaction
    • Improved visibility; saves sales teams’ effort and time
    • Automated sales order and material from SAP backend reduces human errors significantly
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